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my otp for life

my otp's rarijack lol (especially eqg rarijack)

also i like bts (and txt too)

oh, and memes too

i like anime too

i'm a brony and an army

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to save your sanity

  • "twilight" is the, i guess, matriarchal family name?
  • rarity and fluttershy are mononymous ponies/people
  • fim rarity is bi
    • eqg rarity is a lesbian
  • applejack is a lesbian
  • these guys are a couple
  • rainbow dash is a lesbian
  • granny smith is a closeted pansexual (don't even ask where i got this)
  • scootaloo and family are aussies! (this is my fave headcanon :P)
  • istg trixie's a lesbian
  • actually you know what, everyone's a lesbian

    my mlp ships 
  • OTMane6/Omniship
  • Rarijack/Apparity
  • Appledash/Rainbowjack/AshleighBallShip
  • Flutterdash/Rainbowshy
  • Derpyshy
  • Pinkieshy/Flutterpie
  • Pinkiedash/Rainbowpie
  • Twidash/Rainbowlight
  • Sunlight/Twiset
  • Lyrabon
  • Octavinyl/Vinyltavia
  • Startrix/Trixstar
  • Twixie/Trixlight
  • Chryssiepuff/Fluffalis
  • Smolcellus (hehe, smolcellus)
  • Serenderpity (Songbird Serenade X Derpy X Rarity) (i just kinda thought this one up lol)
  • uhhh...these two guys

    my not mlp ships 

    gamers i enjoy 

  • ragamuffin is pure and you're not gonna taint that pureness or else you're getting kicked out of my sadly non-existent rarijack club :( so i'm gonna kick your ass instead all the way to next gen
  • i like to call my avatar gallery my "gallery of depression"
  • i like to call Bluethorn's avatar that DrNoPuma drew for him "sad potato king"
  • "VXXXN" is just Xtreme Kool Letterz "vixen" so it's pronounced /ˈvɪksən/ (i literally just ripped the ipa from wiktionary)
  • i was gonna use "Princess Luna X" for my username, but then, stuff happened and now i'm stuck with "VXXXN" though it does still look cool
  • don't forget isa! never forget isa
  • ariel winter is my fave voice actress although that's not exactly why i have at least two pages of mostly sofia
  • istg rarijack's already a thing in eqg!
  • i can pronounce welsh words and names because google translate has welsh text-to-speech, i unfortunately can't pronounce most irish and gaelic words and names because google translate does not have irish and gaelic text-to-speech
  • enid
  • this is apparently my leitmotif, well, Crystal Memoria's leitmotif for me, that is
  • i wish this was real
  • : ओमाए वा मो शिन्देइरु

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actually you know what, here's a second folder control to save even more sanity

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