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Volatile-Fox Surprisingly unstable from Norse by Norsewest Relationship Status: THIS CONCEPT OF 'WUV' CONFUSES AND INFURIATES US!
Surprisingly unstable
Sep 6th 2016 at 2:58:34 PM

Because I apparently come off as "moody and sarcastic with attitude" according to some people.

Plus it made for a cool username.

PrincessGwen The Science Princess. from In the U.S.A Relationship Status: If it's you, it's okay
The Science Princess.
Sep 27th 2016 at 10:19:02 PM

When I was a kid, I had an obsession with princesses and the name Gwen (which isn't my real name) was chosen at random.

"Wakanda forever."
Surt Crazy Awesome Personified from Perth, Australia Relationship Status: Wishfully thinking
Crazy Awesome Personified
Sep 28th 2016 at 12:10:38 AM

Well, I was listening to some Amon Amarth, and I thought, "Ya know what? The guy who's destined to destroy the universe is a pretty good alias."

Party time!
Heliopunk station management from behind you Relationship Status: Robosexual
station management
Sep 29th 2016 at 5:31:32 AM

Skypunk was taken on the site I wanted to use it on originally, so I got creative! It just stuck after that.

There's a special place in Hell. It's really hip. Very exclusive.
Novis from To the Moon's song. Relationship Status: I won't say I'm in love
Oct 6th 2016 at 1:27:28 AM

It was from a superhero-esque code name one of my characters would use, that idea didn't stick though.

You say I am loved, when I don’t feel a thing. You say I am strong, when I think I am weak. You say I am held, when I am falling short.
Revaryk Local loldrg from somewhere Relationship Status: Non-Canon
Local loldrg
Oct 6th 2016 at 5:16:30 AM

"Revaryk" was a username my dad came up with to use for Minecraft when I first got it. Not a fan of talking about my real name on the net, but "Revaryk" is actually a combination of the first three letters of the word "Reverse" and a backwards version of my real name, "Kyra".

Stand tall, my friend.
HaplessHuman Sadly, not Time Lord from Right here Relationship Status: Noddin' my head like yeah
Sadly, not Time Lord
Oct 9th 2016 at 6:19:08 AM

Well, it's simple. I'm a human who's hapless. Also, it's my username on Tumblr.

Um, 2017, seriously? You're giving me a break? "Thank you"
Oct 11th 2016 at 10:49:08 AM

It started when I was thinking of a random username. Here's my train of thought:

My real name->birds (my real name's often associated with 'em)->jam->dancing guy in a suit wielding a baton (a meister)->jam+meister->Jamiester

edited 11th Oct '16 10:54:24 AM by Jamiester

ACCOUNT NO LONGER USED. *straps on jetpack*
Lyciboo13 Mii, myself, and I from Somewhere Relationship Status: Yes, I'm alone, but I'm alone and free
Mii, myself, and I
Oct 12th 2016 at 7:38:08 PM

Lyciboo is what my parents called me when I was little. Along with Lyce, Lycie, and Boo. They still call me those names, but I take pride in it. Whenever I used to go on websites like Club Penguin or Fantage, or other websites like that I always used Lyciboo. I just used 13 mostly because I love Final Fantasy XIII, and that was game that got me interested in the Final Fantasy series.

TropesForever Vernon Q. Parsley from up north (if you're in Antarctica) Relationship Status: Can't buy me love
Vernon Q. Parsley
Nov 2nd 2016 at 8:48:13 PM

I panicked.

Avatar by madface7!
AdrianAmorix The Crowned Queen of Spontaneous References from 296 squids Relationship Status: In my bunk
The Crowned Queen of Spontaneous References
Nov 2nd 2016 at 9:46:18 PM

It was originally just "Amorix," a name I chose by making noises in my head until I found something vaguely coherent. I later appended "Adrian" to the start of the name, because that's my name and I thought it gave the username an almost fantasy-like flare.

I don't know if that was correct usage of the word "appended," but I also don't particularly care. You got my point.

We can never have enough plots
fdiaperhead Currently inactive from somewhere else Relationship Status: Sinking with my ship
Currently inactive
Nov 4th 2016 at 5:14:48 AM

I took mine from Captain Underpants. Specifically, Captain Underpants and the Perilous Plot of Professor Poopypants.

So, there is this one page where Professor Poopypants asks everyone to change their name into sillier versions of their names, according to the first letter of their first name, the first letter of their last name and the last letter of their last name. I used my first name and my family name, so K= Flunky, A=Diaper, A= Head. Thus, Flunky Diaperhead became my online name for everything from 6th to 9th grade.

(Old Shame, I know. But I was 11 at the time and didn't know better.)

edited 7th Apr '17 5:46:26 AM by fdiaperhead

↳ Redirecting to Mvfl G.
Cid Behold! A Paleblood Sky! from The Republic of Yucatán Relationship Status: Non-Canon
Behold! A Paleblood Sky!
Nov 9th 2016 at 5:06:02 PM

My username is my name. Well, the initials of my name.

Carlos Ildefonso Diego.

It's funny because people think it's from the Spanish poem or from the videogame, but I just hate having such a long name so I tend to use my initials for a lot of things. [lol]

"The blood makes us human, makes us more than human, makes us human no more."
IncognitoNinja Gravity Beams and BIDIBIDIBIDIBIDI Relationship Status: Complex: I'm real, they are imaginary
Nov 29th 2016 at 6:29:35 AM

I could have posted this a year ago, but what the hey...

When I registered as a Troper, I just wanted to go by the name "Incognito" since that's the name I use whenever I comment on anime-related blogs.

Alas, it turns out someone already registered under that nameNote 1 ... And since I had this strange fascination for the story of Metal Gear Rising: RevengeanceNote 2  and its fresh from taking levels in badass main character Raiden, the word "Ninja" was added. Note 3 

And so the name "IncognitoNinja" stuck as my current Troper handle.

edited 30th Nov '16 11:03:56 PM by IncognitoNinja

"Learn as if you will live forever, live as if you will die tomorrow."
SmartGirl333 New account is voidify
New account is voidify
Nov 30th 2016 at 7:21:26 PM


    Off-topic note 

On your pronoun confusion of this unknown user: please don't use "it" to refer to a person if not explicitly told to do so by the person in question; "It" Is Dehumanizing. It's far easier to just use the singular they note  when referring to a person of unknown gender than to amalgamate every possible pronoun they could want to be called by. As a grammar pedant, "him/her" and all its variations are abominations that must be erased from the English language.

...Whoops, I wrote a lot of words there. Don't take any of this personally, just please consider switching to a less clunky alternative placeholder. *removes grammar hat, goes back into lurker cave*

edited 30th Nov '16 7:23:38 PM by SmartGirl333

IncognitoNinja Gravity Beams and BIDIBIDIBIDIBIDI Relationship Status: Complex: I'm real, they are imaginary
Nov 30th 2016 at 11:02:06 PM

[up] No offense taken. I only put "it" because—for all I know—it could be a botNote . Then again, the mods seem to be good at sniffing out bot accounts anyway.

"Learn as if you will live forever, live as if you will die tomorrow."
PegaFoxx We've come too far to give up who we are from The stars Relationship Status: Staying up all night to get lucky
We've come too far to give up who we are
Dec 1st 2016 at 10:45:21 AM

A fox pegasus...mind you I made this account when I was thirteen.

We're up all night to get lucky
Dec 12th 2016 at 1:29:50 PM

Take a wild guess.

"Just keep swimming!" - Dory
Ultimatum Disasturbator from an Amiga Forest somewhere Relationship Status: I know
Crizelda Poisonous Maiden ~ Unknown of Unending Toxicity from the World That Renounced Its Existence Relationship Status: Mu
Poisonous Maiden ~ Unknown of Unending Toxicity
Dec 16th 2016 at 8:00:26 AM

My name is the origin of my troper handle.

It certainly has nothing to do with The Legend of Zelda, however.

Ilynne: "… Sidney… that gasmask of hers… why does she wear it…? And… why… why is there no… violet text color…?"
ultimatesheeplover Good Boy from Relationship Status: My elf kissing days are over
Good Boy
Dec 17th 2016 at 9:54:21 AM

Sheep are my favourite animals. I have tons of sheep related knick knacks all over my house like I'm some kind of old lady or something.

big hell
FlakyPorcupine Le Noir Mouse from Arkham, Massachusetts Relationship Status: Having tea with Cthulhu
Le Noir Mouse
Jan 14th 2017 at 12:01:43 PM

Happy Tree Friends, which can take some people who think I am "above it all" by surprise.

Shameless YouTube plugging, pay no mind.
ctrl_alt_deliiiight Dump Stat from where memes go to die Relationship Status: Seeking boyfriend-free girl
Dump Stat
Jan 21st 2017 at 9:35:37 PM

Just popped into my head one day.

REMOVE SOY LATTE remove soy latte you are worst hipster. you are the hipster idiot you are the hipster smell. return to portlandia.
PhilosopherStones Anyways Here's Darude Sandstorm from The North (lots of planets have them) Relationship Status: You can be my wingman any time
Anyways Here's Darude Sandstorm
Jan 22nd 2017 at 7:54:42 AM

I was watchin FMA

Jan 22nd 2017 at 9:50:57 AM

It's a nickname, given me by friends in college, based on my real name. It was usually delivered in a bad Cockney accent ("ROB'ree!")

edited 22nd Jan '17 9:51:15 AM by Robbery

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