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Jul 1st 2008 at 5:31:52 PM

No 40K thread yet? I'm surprised. Nay, shocked, shocked I say to discover there's gambling going on in this establishment...

I'm eagerly anticipating the imminent 5th Edition release, personally, but I was interested to know if anyone here plays and has a differing opinion on it. There are certainly plenty of people out there who seem to think that 40K 4th edition "only just" came out and that a new edition isn't needed. Anyone?

CTrombley The Good Troper
The Good Troper
Jul 1st 2008 at 7:16:56 PM

Chuckles wrote:

"No 40K thread yet? I'm surprised. Nay, shocked, shocked I say to discover there's gambling going on in this establishment...

Your winnings, sir.

Mathematics Is A Language.
Jul 2nd 2008 at 6:23:47 PM

I myself am interested to see what changes will be made, I just hope they don't mess up the Guard.

Jul 6th 2008 at 1:33:26 AM

From the few rumors I've heard, it's sounding disappointingly like they're not only taking an even darker turn- that, I suppose, is to be expected these days- but that they're shifting the eventual focus to fighting the Tyranids and Necrons. The forecast is that the only species eventually left may be the orks, 'Nids, and Necrons, left to fight it out forever over a blasted galaxy.

So, great, we get the Mindless Swarm, the Robotic Evil Scrappies, and the Soccer Hooligans From Hell. Two personality-less armies and the joke race, as opposed to the real heart of the 40k plotline- the Imperium and other forces of Order against Chaos. Color me indifferent.

Jul 6th 2008 at 10:18:50 AM

Personality-less? Well I'll admit that on an individual basis Nids and Crons are completely devoid of all personality, but as a race each has some pretty cool background stuff going on. And Orks may be a joke race but that doesn't mean they aren't awesome. By comparison Chaos is both boring and ineffectual. Stereotypical evil guys with tentacles. Meh.

I frankly doubt that GW will actually make any significant changes to the background. Things will be the same as ever they were.

Jul 7th 2008 at 4:20:20 PM

40k is awesome. Tau are very awesome. But 40k gets expensive quickly. And then Charlatan would still need to paint the minis. Charlatan does not have sufficient time/money units to accomplish such a goal and still have sufficient time/money units for other projects, many of which involve acquiring ROCK-HARD ABS.. Therefore Charlatan must content himself with browsing GW's website and looking at the pretty pictures.

Charlatan plans on using the third person more often. Charlatan had previously forgotten how much fun it is.

InverurieJones '80s TV Action Hero from North of the Wall. Relationship Status: And they all lived happily ever after <3
'80s TV Action Hero
Aug 16th 2008 at 4:00:47 AM

Joke race? Oo' sez orkses are da joke race? stinkin' 'oomies don't know wots wot. Orkses are da best! WAAAGH!

Ahem. Quite.

'All he needs is for somebody to throw handgrenades at him for the rest of his life...'
Nov 22nd 2008 at 11:04:47 PM

After moving to a more economically bountiful residence, I decided to try getting into 40k again.

After finding out that when even an already assembled Tau army with Codex and primer paint sold at a discount price is prohibitively expensive, I began to have doubts.

After finding out that the SUNNY CHEERFUL OPTIMISTIC faction (Tau) employs kamikazes and sterilizes client races, I decided fuck this shit and decided my money indeed is better spent elsewhere.

I realize that the Tau are supposed to be Japanese-esque but the sterilization thing is rather horrible and the kamikaze thing is way too remniscent of certain events of the past several years. Also, the whole Orwellian bent of the Damocles Contingent (heavily implies that there is dissent within the Tau empire, not just from Farsight, and that the Tau go to length to ensure their squeaky-shiny image).

Sure as Hell not at the ludicrous prices Games Workshop charges for anything, anyway.

As I didn't buy anything, I wouldn't say I'm bitter, but I'm rather irritated as Games Workshop has the balls to make the Tau as dog rapey as the rest of the game universe—-I'd say MORE so given that they try to cover it up—-and call them the "optimistic" ones.

Granted, they ARE optimistic, given that they believe that the current state of the grimdark future can be changed. Optimistic just doesn't necessarily discount fascist tendencies.

This gives the vibe of making the Tau not only jerks but also pretentious sons-of-bitches, too.

Long story short, this game doesn't seem as fun as I thought it would be.

My favorite 40k players are the ones who take a bit of a silly bent, like my female friend who plays a Tyranid army. Three words: Hive Fleet Ladybug.

EDIT: Well, I guess it could be worse. The Tau don't hide in METAL BOXES.

Sorry, had to. I saw that video and giggled myself silly. I know Chaos makes you insane but here it seemed more like senile.

edited Sun, 23 Nov 2008 00:59:27 by Charlatan

BringTheNoise Not Enough Gun from Aberdeen
Not Enough Gun
Mar 12th 2009 at 6:43:33 AM

The fun is in watching every army race past the Moral Event Horizon, and whoever told you the Tau are happy and optimistic was either lying or has been playing 40K for too long.

edited 12th Mar '09 6:43:48 AM by BringTheNoise

Like Shakespeare, but with more punching
forlaughs Bad Ass from Boston
Apr 1st 2009 at 6:35:51 PM

I play all editions, my favorite being rogue trader, but now that 5th edition is out its ok too. And really, if you dont like specific background disregard it or make up your own. it doesnt really make a difference.

"Let's be bad guys." -Serenity (Jayne) I'd rather be free than safe.
FurikoMaru Reverse the Curse from The Arrogant Wasteland Relationship Status: He makes me feel like I have a heart
Reverse the Curse
Apr 1st 2009 at 7:37:41 PM

I'm not normally a player of games that don't involve 52 cards or pretty horsies and queens, but I always derive enjoyment from listening to people talk about WH40K. I love fantasy smooshed with science fiction anyway, but there's just something so amusing about a universe that goes out of its way to be as shitty as possible.

And I like the Orks' accents smile.

A True Lady's Quest - A Jojo is You!
Apr 1st 2009 at 7:58:22 PM

I think something that killed what interest I was generating in the hobby was how tiny the stinkin' things were.

The cost, too. But mainly the size of the minis. Seriously, surgical robotics equipment would have a hard time painting those.

Arilou Taller than Zim from Quasispace
Taller than Zim
Apr 9th 2009 at 1:47:10 AM

I think the thing is that the Tau are yes, optimistic, but in that particular 19th century way that runs straight into WWI, pats Lenin on the back and keeps running into new and interesting ways of killing people.

The Tau believe in Progress (which makes them pretty unique) and also that in order to make sure that comes true, you have to break a few eggs.

Now, if you want slightly less Grim!Dark! try out Warhammer Fantasy. It's less Grim!Dark! but still pretty dark.

"No, the Singularity will not happen. Computation is hard." -Happy Ent
Apr 9th 2009 at 1:56:55 AM

I played Eldar sometime in Second Edition (just before the Tyranid codex of that edition was released, if I remember correctly). I stopped after several months, partly because I realized how much I was spending on miniatures, and partly because I got bawled out by a great many people for painting my Eldar in camouflage colours. I didn't care about bonuses, I just thought it made sense.

If I started again, I'd probably be playing Tau.

WH 40 K is just the sort of setting that completely falls apart if you try to examine it at any length, because they try to make everything as dark as possible. I admit that a bit of my distaste could be because the people I started playing with (I was a kid at the time, note) were the ones who took the setting Very Seriously, which led to the Camouflage Eldar incident.

Apr 9th 2009 at 9:00:21 PM

I have to wonder how anyone could NOT treat 40k as Serious Business given how much Games Workshop expects you to blow on a 'small' army.

As for the camo Eldar thing, with modelling I think that Rule of Cool takes priority with things like this. Warhammer40k runs on Rule of Cool. Camo Eldar are cool. Therefore Camo Eldar should just freaking work.

SOAPBOX: I get the feeling that loonies like Games Workshop—-with vision and enterpreneurship but poor sense and a lack of forethought—-are responsible for the economic crisis of the present.

Korgmeister Sapient Blob of Tofu from Zimbabwe
Sapient Blob of Tofu
Apr 10th 2009 at 12:59:31 AM

SOAPBOX REPLY: While I hate getting into politics, I think you're giving a bit too much benefit of the doubt there =P

Again with the data mining, dear Aunt?
Apr 10th 2009 at 10:56:43 AM

Games Workshop knows exactly what it's doing. It's not a very nice business model, but it is a good one.

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Lanceleoghauni Cyborg Helmsman from Z or R Twice Relationship Status: In my bunk
Jun 30th 2009 at 6:35:56 AM

I (will as soon as I stop being a broke college kid) play a Tau army, for the sole reason of being the grey to everyone elses black. I can also pretend that I am more idealistic then the standard tau forces >.>

Plus they have cool tech

edited 30th Jun '09 6:36:55 AM by Lanceleoghauni

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Morgulion An accurate depiction from Cornholes
An accurate depiction
Jul 2nd 2009 at 5:56:39 PM

If anyone calls the Necrons a race of scrappies again, I shall shoot them in the groin with an Aenic orb, and then stab the remains with a warscythe. Necrons have personality as a whole, just as do the Tyranids. its just the individuals that are mindless. And do not forget the lords and C'tan.

This is this.
BorderPrince Selfproclaimed Genius from his secret lair.
Selfproclaimed Genius
Aug 26th 2009 at 1:15:03 PM


Seriously, nothing can beat the Space Wolves, SuperSoldier HornyVikings InSpace. Well, exept perhaps the AxCrazy TriggerHappy Orks.

edited 30th Aug '09 8:17:32 AM by Border Prince

I reject reality and substitute my own.
Aug 29th 2009 at 7:15:05 AM

Imperial Guard trumps Space Wolves by virtue of having even more moxie. Granted, I spent a lot of time working with all of my IG models to create a custom all-female regiment (Which there are plenty of in fluff). Granted, finding the old female Commissar model took some doing.

NotSoBadassLongcoat The Showrunner of Dzwiedz 24 from People's Democratic Republic of Badassia
The Showrunner of Dzwiedz 24
Aug 29th 2009 at 5:31:36 PM

Female comissar? Pics or it didn't happen.

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Bill "Looking contemplative" from To your left, eventually
NotSoBadassLongcoat The Showrunner of Dzwiedz 24 from People's Democratic Republic of Badassia
The Showrunner of Dzwiedz 24
Aug 31st 2009 at 12:42:40 PM

Heyyy, nice. I never knew such a thing existed.

"Alice in Wonderland was about a chick getting high as fucking balls on a Hunter S. Thompson type list of drugs." - Mark Von Lewis

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