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Border Prince is the lord of central parts of the Swedish province of Halland. I am a history, fantasy and anime nerd,who plan to extend the list of wierd hobbies with Warhammer. I'm not sure about Fantasy or 40K. I am currently 20 years old and have a little too much imagination and a too large interest for history. I discovered TV tropes in, I think, January 2009. A very interesting discovery on top on that. I have only contributed with only a few things, but I try to make up for that by constantly ask for(and rarely give) any help at the forum.


My favourite novels are:

I am currently working on two fantasy series with the woking titles "The Sagas of Allmark" and "For Clan and Country". Both are full of my weird sense of humour, my interest in alternate history and a whole lot of action.

The first is some kind of Heroic Low Fantasy set in something that resembles the late Renaissance/Cavalier Years in a world very similar to our own.

The second is a Contemporary Fantasy set in a version of the real world, but with a large dose of alternate history, steam/dieselpunk and a crumbling Masquerade added to it.


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