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Forlaughs is a troper who lives in Boston, Mass. He started using TV Tropes when he found it completely on accident while looking for ways to model Tabletop desert planet terrain. Thats right, he fell in love with the Single-Biome Planet page and then archived binged and hasn't stopped. Rarely adds to a page, or makes a comment on the forums, but generally is basically unknown. Some pages that I like, for various reasons:


  1. Firefly
  2. Single-Biome Planet
  3. all Crowning Moment Of pages.
  4. Bad Ass

Personal Tastes: I've been wargaming since before I can remember, but first got into published tabletop wargames with 40k. Eventually graduated to old school Rogue Trader (thats backwards chronologically, but my group of gaming friends liked it better), which I still play. However, recently discovered Two Hour Wargames, and basically only play that nowadays.

I'm Jewish. Very, very Jewish. But not Orthodox.

I play soccer (football to the rest of you) a lot, as a midfielder.

I play guitar and sing. Recently started a small (local, for now) band.

I really like science. And science fiction.

I've always wanted to be an astronaut.

Recently started to write (fiction, for now... nonfiction is for history class). I'm pretty good. It helps that my older brother is ACTUALLY a writer. So far I mostly write Satire set 20 Minutes into the Future in a sort of Brazil esque sorta way, and Science Fiction that has a sorta mix of Firefly (due to being rather Space Western), The American Astronaut, for the same reasons (also the feel of lots of small space stations evoked by that movie tends to be present), Mass Effect (some of the shinier parts have aesthetic similarities), and some very minor, behind the scenes influence from Warhammer40000.



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