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YMMV / Yotobi

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  • Fan Nickname: Yotozombie for the zombie version of Yotobi in the Nights Of Terror episode.
  • Memetic Mutation:
    • Some of his reviews gave birth to some memes (that often degenerated and became hated on in the same review that spread them), such as “TUNF!” from his review of Korkusuz, better known as Turkish Rambo, when he joked about the fact that the movie’s creators really didn’t know how a bazooka worked.
    • The “Soffi Teir” line from the movie Soft Air.
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    • The Pre-Mortem One-Liner from AlbaKiara
  • Nightmare Fuel: The ending of his E.T.: The Video Game review. Why are you looking at the screen like that, Yotobi? *PUNCH*
    • He got… detailed while describing what death he wants for AlbaKiara’s main character.
  • One-Scene Wonder: Doodle, who appeared in The Little Panda Fighter review. Despite him becoming an instant fan favorite, Yotobi has pretty much outright stated that he won’t bring him back.

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