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  • Adored by the Network: Had a starring vehicle show built from the ground up just for her.
    • This has been going on for some time; such as her appearance on The Naked Brothers Band shilling up how beautiful she is (which also happened on iCarly's "iFight Shelby Marx").
    • Nickelodeon was plugging the songs from Victorious constantly.
  • Best Known for the Fanservice: While she's a competent actress and singer, the material with which she starred with is more known for her dressing nicely and/or showing off her body in them, rather than the strength of her singing and acting or the material itself. Became an invoked trope towards the end of the 2010's and the beginning of the 2020's, at which point Victoria embraced the fanservice side of her public persona, with the majority of her fans being drawn from those who knew her from the many, many posts she makes on Instagram.
  • Creator Killer: The poor reception of "Gold" her only released solo single killed her post-Victorious music career. She wouldn't make any more music until December 2020, when she released a new single.
    • The rapid fire failures of Eye Candy and The Rocky Horror Picture Show: Let's Do the Time Warp Again killed her acting career, at least in terms of taking lead roles. She still appears in things here and there, but for the most part, she seems to have given up acting in favor of modeling.
  • Fandom Rivalry: With former co-star Ariana Grande over rumors, feuding over the cancellation of Victorious, and Ariana quickly becoming more popular than Victoria herself. Finally ended in the 2014 Kids Choice Awards when they posed for a pic together, confirming the rivalry and feud was over.
  • LGBT Fanbase: Became the darling of a-many gay-friendly social media accounts thanks to her role as Tori Vega in Victorious.
  • Memetic Mutation / Never Live It Down: She became a meme for sounding jealous of Ariana Grande during an interview, in which Elizabeth Gillies complimented Ariana on her singing and how she sings all of the time, and Victoria responded with “I think we ALL sing!” Victoria seems to have trying to joke around with her co-stars in some way, but her blurting that out at an awkward moment and in a (likely unintentional) jealous tone struck a funny bone with fans and the meme took off. Cue most comments on anything about her being “I think we ALL (insert verb here)!”
    • People who hated her character Tori Vega in the late 2010s when Victorious began to stream on Netflix found this meme and used it as ammo against Victoria herself. It got so bad that Ariana Grande Victoria’s former “rival” had to step in, so people to cool it.

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