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YMMV / Vector Thrust

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  • Awesome Music: Being a Spiritual Successor to Ace Combat all but necessitates a quality soundtrack for Vector Thrust. Examples can include Strike Force, Dreamers and Among Clouds. Newer music like Tactical Symmetry also were worth waiting for.
  • Broken Base: For many players, the massive amount of playable aircraft was the very selling point of this game, but at the same time, this was also the same reason that the development was delayed a very long time, even over fixing the remaining bugs that still remains to this date.
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  • Best Boss Ever: Opening Battle Scenario and seeing the Ziz Hunt. Yep, it's Ace Combat, alright.
  • Demonic Spiders:
    • Destroyers like the DDG-56 and Karel Doorman form the backbone of any air-to-sea mission and will ruin any player's day if not approached extremely carefully. Their surface to air missiles pack a massive punch and formidable range, and having a few of them within relative proximity of each other will mean that you'll be constantly dodging missiles while trying to take them out. In addition, they completely subvert Point Defenceless by possessing very powerful and very accurate CIWS fire that will blow all manner of missiles and bombs out of the sky. Right now the only real way to take one out with minimal hurt is to launch lots and lots of missiles and bombs at them from far away so that their point defences are overwhelmed.
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    • The 5P73 stationary missile array qualifies as one by virtue of its ridiculous range, meaning that players will be pestered by an annoying warning and will have to dodge missiles launched from seemingly nowhere, since the unit can lock-on and fire from so far away that the radar doesn't even pick them up yet.
  • Designated Villain: The Kingdom, who at first glance might feel like a dead ringer to Ace Combat's Belka, turns out to be excessively antagonized by the outside world. The truth is nothing like that.
  • Most Annoying Sound: Some players have complained about the lock-on tone being too loud for its own good for quite a while, finally leading to it getting toned down in an update.
  • Most Wonderful Sound: Engaging Overdrive. Fwoosh!
  • Obvious Beta: Probably one of the reasons why the game crashed and burned: Even after leaving Early Access, the last released update is full of bugs (such as occassional crashes and borderline unplayable campaign), spelling mistakes, missing features (such as map rotation and random mission generator) and many baffling design flaws, like the use of a very buggy open-sourced sound library, rather than using the more stable DirectSound, causing the game to crash when very big sound files are loaded in memory. And that without going into the point the game engine used in the game (OGRE) wasn't made for flight simulation in mind, a fact stated by Word of God, although it was amazing that Vector Thrust was made in the first place with such engine.


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