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  • Complacent Gaming Syndrome: The game was intended such that different scenarios warranted different strategies. Many players will eventually settle on just 2-3 strategies to cover all advanced missions.
    • All campaigns: Teleport to a captured enemy power station and spam Tigers/Tekh-Traks/Leonids to destroy the enemy host station.
    • Resistance/Taerkasten Campaign: Accumulate a horde of Falcons/Hetzels, set to Level 2 aggressiveness, and attack the enemy host station en masse.
    • Resistance Campaign: Eliminate the enemy host station using either close-up-and-personal tactic (Dragonfly or Rock Sled) or sniper tactics (Rhino).
  • That One Level:
    • Hamburger Hill, named because the hill in question is flanked on both sides by multiple enemy host stations, resulting in getting attacked from multiple directions simultaneously. The alleged high difficulty is due to the fact that the sole Resistance Host Station had to face the combined might (Both pre-deployed and created) of 5 enemy host stations, which is very true if all the player does is to defend the fort and the Stoudson Bomb. However, at the start of the game, if the player managed to find a window of opportunity to kill one or more enemy host stations and/or cripple their power sources, the level is a lot more manageable.
    • Any corridor mission. To elaborate, corridor missions have a battlefield that is very narrow width-wise, but stretch on for MANY sectors length-wise. Your power station's output will always be less than optimal, so you'll only be able to build units at a snail's pace. The AI suffers from this as well, but since they start with the whole map under their control and multiple power stations, it's like trying to swim upstream, except instead of water, there's 100 enemy units gunning for you. Enjoy watching your squadron (that it took you 30 minutes getting the energy to make) be whittled away by the constant barrage of enemy units. Rage Quit is very likely to occur if one doesn't employ Save Scumming (An encouraged move since the game explicitly programmed this feature in).
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    • Stoudson's Bastion of the Taerkasten Campaign of the unreleased Metropolis Dawn expansion. It plays out similarly to Hamburger Hill, where you have control of a Stoudson Bomb and you have to endure/overcome the combined might of 3 Resistance Host Stations. It is arguably the toughest and most frustrating level in the entire campaign, and unlike most other missions it does test your combined First Person Shooter and Real-Time Strategy player skills to your limits. Constant jumping into, switching control of the correct vehicles, firing at and responding to the enemy should occur at the right time and place.

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