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YMMV / Total Drama Genesis

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  • Awesome Art: Most all readers have stated they love the art and some admit to starting the story simply because they enjoyed the artwork.
  • Base-Breaking Character:
    • Tessa; some readers find her actions towards others too mean and annoying to be likable or sympathetic. Other readers like her for being a diva character and her sympathetic backstory. Her artwork is often cited as the best as well. The fact her character and character image alludes to canon contestant Heather, who has her own strong following, probably helps.
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    • Hayden. Most readers found him a rather flat character and very forgettable. Yet he does have a small following for his kind and concerned nature. In two different rankings of the characters, one reader had him as his least favorite character while another had him in their top five characters. He is currently winning a poll of readers' favorite early out.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: While different characters have been well received or have become people's favorites, the character who was gotten positive reception across the board, being praised and high in people's rankings, is Cynthia. This is despite the fact she didn't speak in the first two chapters. Helping is that many people love her design.
  • Genius Bonus: A small one: Rhonda refers to the individual trials in the first challenge as eleven labors. This is an allusion to the most famous labors done, The Labors of Hercules. Getting this allusion, some readers predicted there would actually be twelve labors instead of eleven like Hercules.
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  • Ho Yay: Occasional moments between the male contestants as lead to shipping by some readers. Ignacio particularly causes this, given his attractiveness occasionally cause reactions from men...
    Griswold: So Ignacio wasn’t attracted to me. I’m kind of relieved I don’t have to reject him...but kind of disappointed he wasn’t into that weird?
  • Les Yay: Quite a few moments or lines of dialogue have lead to some readers shipping characters, especially the friendship between roommates Lita, Ness and Seraphina.
    Lita: Ness, you’re amazing! Some guy will wise-up and realize it, or screw it, I’ll marry you myself.
    Seraphina: I’ll officiate you two if I can.
    Lita: Seraphina please, you can marry us too. I know you want to! We’re just too good for everybody else.”

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