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Trivia / Total Drama Genesis

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  • I Knew It!: Many readers guessed the twist at the merge, with a few even correctly predicting the returnees.
  • What Could Have Been: The story went through numerous iterations and revisions, with the initial conception and early development predating Total Drama's fourth canon season. Notable changes acknowledged in the story's Trivia section include:
    • The fanfiction was originally a sequel to the author's previous work, Total Drama What The Heck? a fourth season after Total Drama World Tour, and would have followed the next generation of contestants. The canonical host, Chris McLean would have remained and it would have been titled Total Drama: Oh My God as a Continuity Nod to the original fic.
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    • A subplot about the contestants investigating a murder mystery was dropped because it did not advance the story.
    • A team swap late in the team phase would have formed a third team, The Boisterous Bull-Mooses. The author scrapped this plan because the existing team dynamics were important to certain storylines, and the new team would not have existed long enough to justify the added complications.

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