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YMMV / The Power of One

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  • Awesome Music: As typical for Hans Zimmer. This was the work that led to him working with Lebo M. on The Lion King.
  • Complete Monster (from the 1992 film adaptation): Jaapie Botha, otherwise known as the Judge, was an Afrikaner bully who took an immediate disliking to PK because of his English heritage. Jaapie later tried to sacrifice him and his pet chicken, Mother Courage, to Adolf Hitler; he kills Courage, and he tries to do the same thing to PK after he had humiliated him in front of the other children. Years later, Botha became the sergeant for Colonel Breyton, and he was given the task of investigating PK's multiracial gym. Once there, he severely beats Gideon with a whip, causing him to lose his eye, and he attacks the other boxers. Jaapie later aided Breyton in several attacks, one of which would end up killing PK's Love Interest; they then started a massacre in Alexandra, all in their pursuit of PK and Gideon. Jaapie was found in the middle of savagely beating a boxing promoter, and he still expressed a desire to kill him, even when PK willingly gave himself up.
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  • Moral Event Horizon: Jaapie crosses it as a teenager when he kills Peekay's chicken, and tries to do the same to Peekay, foreshadowing what kind of person he will grow up to be.
  • The Woobie: Peekay.
    • Iron Woobie: Peekay takes massive amounts of abuse at the hands of Jaapie and his crew, but refuses to cry, infuriating them further.


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