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YMMV / The Masked Dancer UK

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  • Awesome Moments:
    • Scarecrow doing a handstand during her second performance.
    • In Episode 4, Carwash does a few backflips in succession across the stage.
    • Squirrel doing the splits during some of her performances, most notably in the final. Even more so when it’s revealed that she’s the 56-year-old Bonnie Langford.
    • Just the fact that the majority of the dancers are actually in their 40's or 50's. It shows that you can still be a good dancer despite your age.
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  • Big-Lipped Alligator Moment: At the end of Carwash's performance of "Singing in the Rain", someone in a pigeon costume comes onto the stage and offers Carwash a cone of chips. This is never brought up again, nor is it mentioned when he gets unmasked.
  • Captain Obvious Reveal: As soon as the possibility of Knickerbocker Glory being Craig Revel Horwood was brought up, it became obvious with their clue packages, especially in the semi-final. In fact, several viewers even guessed it from the first few episodes. It’s probably why they ended up the first to be unmasked in the semi-final. And even for those who didn't guess correctly, it didn't take long for it to become apparent that he was actually a man Disguised in Drag.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
    • One that happened within the same episode: In Episode 5, Jonathan Ross guessed that Squirrel could be Zoe Ball, only for Llama to get unmasked and revealed to be Zoe Ball instead. He even lampshades this.
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    • During the first few episodes, a popular guess from the viewers for Knickerbocker Glory was David Walliams... and then he appeared as a guest judge in Episode 5, shutting that down.
    • One of the panel's guesses for Carwash was Howard Donald. Then in the final, it turned out that he was in the competition, but as Zip.
  • Memetic Mutation: In one episode, Davina wears some kind of white feather pressed against her hair, leading to people joking that a bird did something unpleasant in her hair.
  • Shocking Elimination: In the first episode, Viper/Jordan Banjo, a professional dancer was voted out after not only ending up in the bottom three, but also having the judges choose Beetroot, whom the viewers felt didn't really dance, over him.

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