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Season 1

  • In the first episode, Jonathan briefly forgets that this is a show about dancing, not singing.
  • Everything about Rubber Chicken, who just owns his persona, moving his arms like people do when impersonating chickens, and constantly making clucking noises. In one episode, Joel throws some seeds onto the floor for him, which he pretends to eat.
  • In Episode 3, Joel speaks in an over-the-top southern accent as Scarecrow is about to leave the stage after her performance. Mo tells him to never speak like that again.
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  • David Walliams joins the panel as a guest judge in Episode 5, and guesses Donald Trump for one of the contestants.
  • A pigeon showing up at the end of Carwash's semi-final performance to give him a cone of chips.
  • Holly Willoughby joins the panel for the final while wearing a bright yellow dress. Carwash's first performance that night features the dancing sponges, and she realises her dress makes her look like a sponge as well.

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