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YMMV / Teen Titans (Rebirth)

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  • Base-Breaking Character:
    • Damian, with some not minding him returning to the team after a brief period in pre-Flashpoint continuity, while others are not happy due to his jerkass behaviour towards Tim in one of his early appearances, despite his later Character Development. Not helped by the fact that he's considered a Base-Breaking Character by Batman and Robin fans. It also doesn't help that his actions here feel out of character compared to other series where he is the main or a guest character, especially when he's often the focus of the action.
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    • Beast Boy has also been divisive. While he's still a source of levity and humor, many find his dialogue to be heavily overwritten, using phrases that no realistic teenager would say like "food orgasm" to describe his tofu. In addition, many found his partying antics in the early stages of the comic to be downright creepy. While he was the first to back the move to save Damian from the al Ghuls, he's also constantly complaining about Damian in virtually every issue.
  • Character Rerailment: After her disastrous portrayal in Red Hood and the Outlaws and the mixed reception in her solo series, Starfire is written with a lot of empathy and a passion for fighting against human trafficking. She also cares for Nightwing, and is fiercely protective of children.
  • Crack Pairing: Jonboy Meyers, the artist of the comic, admitted he would like to do a story that would romantically pair Raven with Klarion the Witch Boy.
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  • Dork Age: While Ben Percy's run started strong, the run unfortunately quickly fell apart afterwards. The main problem ended up being the portrayal of Damian, who treated his team like crap and yet was never really reprimanded for it. Even beyond that, the team, being largely whoever was available from the Wolfman/Perez run, felt extremely stale and unable to develop as a group, with attempts to develop a bond between them being composed of characters quite literally explaining their character and motivations to others and then just becoming friends out of nowhere and never developing beyond that. The stories were pretty much regurgitations of prior runs or incredibly basic concepts, and the book kept getting tied into crossovers that developed the stories of other books, leaving it utterly directionless. After Justice League: No Justice, Percy was replaced by Adam Glass, who had everyone - bar Damian and Wally II - Put on a Bus and moved into different teams as a result.
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  • Narm: The cover for issue 20, the beginning of Adam Glass' run on the title, features Damian squatting in front of the camera and doing duck lips for no apparent reason.
  • Strangled by the Red String: Wally II and Raven. The two have a very brief talk, in a group conversation, about bad dads and supervillainy... and all of a sudden, the next arc they're flirting... and then in The Lazarus Contract, they're played up even more. Keep in mind that their initial moment was read by some people as just a cute one-off reference to pre-New 52 Raven's relationship with the original Wally, and yet they're the closest thing the series has to an Official Couple before the tenth issue has hit.
    • They actually kiss in issue 19, but Flash #45 released the same day revealed they'd broken up, probably because Raven is switching to the other Titans team.

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