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YMMV / Superman Unchained

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  • Awesome Art: It's Jim Lee, what do you expect?
  • Schedule Slip: A particularly bad case, even with Jim Lee, who is doing pencils for the main stories (not the backups). Officially, Unchained takes place before Forever Evil, as Lex Luthor is depicted as still being imprisioned, as established during the Lobdell run. The latter half of the book saw months between releases, to the point that the also delayed issues of Justice League and Forever Evil came and went. And perhaps it wasn't only Lee's fault, as Snyder has promised the final issue would be extra-sized, implying some rewrites behind the scenes.
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  • The Scrappy: Sam Lane is as bad as ever, and never gets his comeuppance for it. It's little wonder that fans hate him.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Character: It was a shame to kill off The Wraith and his race. They were basically what Kryptonians would have been if their home planet didn't have a red sun blocking their powers.
  • Win Back the Crowd: Unchained is often considered the best Superman book of The New 52, and an example of what fans like about Superman. Especially considering the overly-cerebral Grant Morrison's Action Comics, the compromised George Perez run, the misdirection for several months afterwards and (despite arguably getting the books back into alignment) the Scott Lobdell storylines. In fact, until Greg Pak took over writing duties on Batman/Superman and Action Comics, as well as Geoff Johns returning to Superman, Unchained was the only Superbook that had predominantly positive reviews.

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