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  • In the first couple of issues, the narration covers Superman's thoughts as he figures out how to stop various epic scale disasters and save lives, right down to a ticking clock. It shows not just how powerful Superman is, but how smart he is, even under pressure.
  • In Issue 6, Superman and Lois Lane work together and destroy all of the remaining tactical nukes simultaneously by having Superman fly an Earthstone crystal outside of an invisible "barrier" around Earth.
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  • Almost immediately after the above, Superman beats the crap out of Wraith with a Kryptonite Ring on his hand.
  • In Issue 7, Superman and Lois defend the Fortress of Solitude from General Lane's army. Wearing Powered Armor, Superman is able to fend off the enemies for a while, but after the soldiers increase their forces, Lois uses the Earthstone crystal to deactivate all their technology.
  • In Issue 8, Superman fights Wraith across the world. Seeing Wraith outclasses him in power, Superman takes him beneath the Earth's surface, where the core reduces their powers by making controlling their energy output impossible. A few moments later, Superman beats Wraith in a fair fight, while explaining that he - unlike Wraith - has actually had to learn how to fight, and shoves the Kryptonite-equivalent ring down Wraith's throat.
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  • In Issue 9, when Superman is prepared to perform the Heroic Sacrifice that Lex was manipulating him into in order to destroy the fleet of Wraith's people who were set to conquer Earth, Wraith intervenes, takes the injection mechanism himself, and gives Superman a push towards Earth as he goes out protecting his adopted home.

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