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YMMV / Sailor Moon R: The Movie

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  • Complete Monster: The Xenian Flower is a parasitic alien plant who destroyed countless planets across the galaxy in order to satisfy her hunger. To this end, she manipulates other people who are weak-willed in order to do her bidding. Making Earth her next target, she then manipulates an alien who found her, Fiore, under the pretense that she will make his childhood friend, Mamoru Chiba, happy. After arriving on Earth, she then turns the people into mindless zombies in order to attack Sailor Moon and her companions who tries to stop her. It was also revealed that she used her asteroid home base in order to spread her pollen across the Earth in order to drain its energy, and when foiled, she changes the asteroid's course into Earth as a last resort.
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  • First Installment Wins: Off the three films created during the 90's anime run this one is considered to be the best due to its emotional and impactful story. The other two hover between the realm of okay and awful.

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