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Trivia / Sailor Moon R: The Movie

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  • Acting for Two: In the Latin American Spanish dub, the Xenian Flower and Campanula are both played by Norma Echevarría.
  • Celebrity Voice Actor: In the Polish dub, Makoto Kino/Sailor Jupiter is voiced by the vocalist Katarzyna Owczarz.
    • Also Fiore is voiced by theater and TV actor Przemysław Stippa.
  • Children Voicing Children: The Polish dub features child actors Olaf Marchwicki and Mateusz Ceran voicing the younger versions of Mamoru and Fiore, respectively. Ditto for Chibi-usa, who was voiced by 13-year-old Alicja Kozieja.
    • Averted with the younger Usagi, still voiced by definitely adult Aleksandra Kowalicka.
  • Cross-Dressing Voices
    • In the flashbacks to their childhood, Mamoru and Fiore are voiced by Megumi Ogata and Tomoko Maruo, respectively. The original English dub did went the same route, with Julie Lemieux and Mary Long voicing Darien and Fiore in the flashbacks.
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    • Averted in the Polish dub, where the respective characters are voiced by actual children (Olaf Marchwicki and Mateusz Ceran).
  • Directed by Cast Member:
    • As with the Mexican Spanish dub of the TV series, Patricia Acevedo served as the film's dubbing director in addition to playing Sailor Moon.
    • The Polish dub was directed by Leszek Zduń, who provided additional voices for the film.
  • Dueling Dubs:
    • In English, the film was first dubbed in 2000 by Pioneer and Cloverway, and recorded at Optimum Productions in Toronto with the original DiC voice cast reprising their roles, along with the other two films. Two versions were released by Pioneer: an edited version on VHS with music cues from the DiC dub inserted into the soundtrack, and an unedited version on the bilingual DVD with the same voice track, but no cuts or censorship, along with the original soundtrack. However, the script still slightly toned down Mamoru/Darien's relationship with Fiore. Viz Media screened a new dub of the film in theaters in January 2017, and released it to DVD and Blu-ray later that year. This dub was recorded at Studiopolis in Los Angeles with the cast from their TV series redub and Sailor Moon Crystal, and was completely unedited, retaining Mamoru's relationship with Fiore.
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    • In Italian, the film was originally dubbed in 1996 with the TV anime cast from Mediaset. It was later more faithfully redubbed in 2003 with a new cast by Shin Vision, an anime DVD company, who had plans on also redubbing the first anime season. However, the series' license was pulled during production, with only the R movie released.
  • The Other Marty: An strange variation. The Viz Media dub was originally going to refer to to Fiore as "Fiole," as requested by Toei. The actors and voice director were confused because "Fiore" is the Italian word for "flower," and "Fiole" was nonsense, but nonetheless, the film was recorded with "Fiole" as the character's name. However, Toei changed their minds at the last minute, requiring the dub to be partially re-recorded with "Fiore" in the dialogue. This required Carrie Keranen to completely redo her role again from scratch because the Kisenian Flower speaks the character's name almost ever line. This was done after Stephanie Sheh, Benjamin Diskin, and Robbie Daymond had already recorded the introduction/interview for the theatrical release, explaining why they refer to the character as "Fiole" instead of "Fiore."
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  • The Original Darrin: In the Latin American Spanish dub, Vanessa Garcel reprised her role as Chibi-usanote .
  • Real-Life Relative: Vanessa Garcel, Chibi-usa's Latin American VA, is the niece of Rocío Garcel, who voices Luna.
  • You Sound Familiar: Hikaru Midorikawa and Yumi Touma, who are the respective voices of Fiore and the Xenian flower, previously appeared in Sailor Moon R as Ail and An. Megumi Ogata, who played Fiore's younger self, also played Petz in R.


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