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Nightmare Fuel / Sailor Moon R: The Movie

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  • The scene where the first of Fiore's "experiments" take place. The People Puppets scene is one of the creepiest scenes in the movie.
  • The part where Minako is bending over an energy drained person's body and the person grabs her ankle without any warning whatsoever in a Jump Scare!
    • Minako's reaction, in hindsight, is even worse: she hit him with a Flash Kick, without missing a beat.
  • The Kisenian Flower is as creepy as heck, and Fiore wasn't much better. I mean, the guy wanted to perform a Colony Drop on the Earth just to spite Sailor Moon!
  • Fiore's Villainous Breakdown, where he announces his plan to crash the asteroid into the Earth, all while his eyes are glowing red.
    Fiore: I won't let anyone take Mamoru from me.
  • The scene where Fiore sucks Sailor Moon's energy. Not helped by the creepy music and Usagi screaming in pain as Fiore gives her a "The Reason You Suck" Speech.

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