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Heartwarming / Sailor Moon R: The Movie

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  • The entire last ten minutes go back and forth between this, Moment of Awesome, and Tear Jerker.
  • To elaborate, Fiore rants that nobody else knows what it's like to feel alone, which prompts each of the Sailors to flash back to their own personal moments of loneliness: Ami was shunned because she was a bookworm and people thought she was arrogant, Makoto was feared because of nasty rumours about her being violent, Minako was thought as a stuck-up Sailor V wannabe while Rei was considered a freak for her psychic powers and devotion to the temple. Fast forward and it shows how each of them have been touched by Usagi's friendship: A scene shows Usagi taking a book away from Ami at the beach and insisting she play with them, Ami agrees. Her first meeting with Makoto is shown where Makoto asks why Usagi isn't afraid of her and Usagi ignores this and asks to share her food with Mako's face completely lighting up. Usagi also tells Minako how excited she finally is to meet Sailor V. But the crowner has to be the one between her and Rei where the two girls that are always at each other's throats just deliver the most adorable little exchange.
    Usagi: Wow Rei-Chan you're a hard worker!
    Rei: (smiling) Oh now you realize?
    Usagi: (laughs nervously and smiles)
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  • And the Cloverway dub version is equally as adorable:
    Serena: You know, too many chores can be bad for you.
    Rei: (smiling) Oh, well then you must be in perfect health.
  • All the time Fiore ranted that Usagi was a liar and deceiver incapable of giving anything to anyone who selfishly uses others, as he tries to rip her brooch off to stop her from using the Silver Crystal, what does Usagi do? She takes his hands and tells him You Are Not Alone. And then Fiore is shown another side to his last meeting with Mamoru when they were kids. It turned out the day Fiore left Earth was the same day Usagi's brother was born, and Usagi found Mamoru crying because his friend was leaving. Usagi gave him one of the roses she had just bought to give her mother, and Fiore learns that the rose Mamoru gave him came from Usagi. If it hadn't been for her, that moment he held so dear might never have happened. Fiore is only barely able to handle this information when Usagi, without even trying, managed to rewrite the single most important event in his life.
    Fiore: Who are you?
    • Starts crossing into Tear Jerker right after, when Fiore takes his hand off Usagi's brooch and sees the Silver Crystal's true form - a multilayered, crystal waterlily. He starts crying, and the Kisenian Flower is destroyed by the Silver Crystal's light.
  • Also, the fact that Fiore managed to find the perfect flower The one that saved Sailor Moon's life

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