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Tear Jerker / Sailor Moon R: The Movie

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  • Mamoru's childhood with Fiore is quite tragic to say the least.
  • Usagi gets tortured by Fiore in exchange for having him spare the Inner Guardians; as the girls remember how Usagi pulled each of them out of their lonely lives, they get up again and beg him to spare Usagi. Rei even says, "You don't get it at all! If we didn't meet Usagi... we ALL would've been alone!"
    • And then just minutes later, we get the scene with the guardians and Tuxedo Mask all surrounding the deceased Usagi (with Rei shaking Usagi to try to wake her up to no success)...just before Mamoru brings her back to life thanks to Fiore's sacrifice, causing all of them to break out in tears. A Tear Jerker of the sad-to-happy variety.
    • Just before that when When Usagi, as Serenity, knowingly uses the Silver Crystal at the risk of her life to prevent the comet from crashing into earth. Knowing what she's doing, the guardians each call out her name in fear, only for her to boldly state she'll save everyone [IE; the earth] . The guardians and Endimon!Mamorou lend her their powers and each of the Senshi has a flash back and begin to cry, Usagi has a hopeful monologue, all 5 guardians call out their transformation phrases to focus their powers. It works, diverting the commet, but the Silver Crystal shatters and Usagi drops over dead
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    • Who could forget the scene where Fiore sees, in flashback, the origin of the flower that Mamoru gave him on the roof? Mamoru, having woken up in the hospital after losing his parents and memory is comforted by a little Usagi who is there to celebrate the birth of her little brother. She gives Mamoru a flower as part of her celebration and that is what calms him down. Hell, even Fiore's moved to Manly Tears at this.
    • Rei throughout the last half of the movie. When Usagi announces she is willing to let Fiore take her to spare the rest of the girls, she calmly apologizes to them and says they're worth far too much for her to lose. Makoto, Ami, and Minako already look despondent at Usagi's decision, but Rei is the only one who is crying and screams at Usagi "You coward!" When it looks like Usagi is dead after the Silver Crystal shatters, Rei is violently shaking her body trying to get her to wake up, before she gives up and calls Usagi a liar for telling them she wouldn't die. Fans keep thinking that Rei in the 90s anime was just a bully who had a few moments of tenderness with Usagi, but the truth is, out of all the girls, Rei is the one who loves Usagi the most and it frequently shows.
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  • The DiC dub of the scene where Usagi offers herself to Fiore is just as heartbreaking as the original and Viz versions. The context is changed a bit, to Fiore ordering Sailor Moon to abandon her scepter if she wants the Inner Scouts to live. The girls beg Sailor Moon not to, since by giving up the scepter she's essentially allowing Fiore to kill her and are telling her they're not worth it. She disagrees.
    Fiore: What's your choice?! You gonna abandon them again?!
    Sailor Moon: Never. You win. I'm sorry. I can't turn my back on them. Without my friends it's just not the same. I give up.
    Sailor Mars (crying): Coward! FIGHT THEM!
    Sailor Moon (crying): I can't! I know I can beat him, and then, you'll get hurt! And I couldn't bear that!


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