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YMMV / Roadkill

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The Game

  • Awesome Music: In addition to the likes of Judas Priest 's You've Got Another Thing Coming and Blue Öyster Cult 's Don't Fear the Reaper, the music written for the game by the in-universe band "The Fuzz Brothers" is pretty awesome.
  • Funny Moments: Several, many involving The Daredevils gang, a bunch of English-sounding clowns who scream "Wanker!" at the slightest provocation. There's also a talk radio show you can listen to about cars and weapons that's fairly hilarious.
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  • Moment of Awesome: In a near-end of the game cutscene, mason stares down four Sentinels on the steps of Paradise City Hall. He's got two pistols, and shoots all but one of the Sentinels before he runs out of shots. Just as the forth one is about to shoot him, he flings an empty pistol at him, knocking him out.

The Web Series

  • Growing the Beard: Finnegan in the literal sense, but about the time he does, he and Freiburger's relationship on the show has gelled considerably and the show has established its voice.


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