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Trivia / Roadkill

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  • Development Hell: In episode 46, the stock car (now dubbed the "Nascarlo") finally got featured about 4 years after they bought it. The crew spent 5 days making it sort-of-street-legal...and Freiburger crashed it after 15 minutes on the track.
  • Executive Meddling: Why the show is on the Motor Trend channel rather than on Hot Rod’s channel.
  • Schedule Slip: Not on posting the show itself, but frequently mentioned during filming.
    Freiburger: Take all our time estimates, double them, and add 3 days.
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  • Troubled Production: Pretty much every episode, but episode 23, featuring the "General Mayhem", beats them all. It took over SEVEN MONTHS (real time) from start to finish. (And this is after Freiburger had let the car sit for several years.)

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