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YMMV / RPG Metanoia

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  • Fridge Brilliance:
    • Why does the film's framerate dip at times inconsistently despite being computer-animated? Why even release it when no other such animated film has let that happen? Then Nico remarks about how low-tech his computer is, and you realize that the framerate only drops in scenes inside Metanoia, not all computers can keep an MMO going at 60 fps, and the animators may have successfully given a good excuse for any technological limitations they had.
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    • Does anyone else think that everyone else was offered the mask by their avatars? And that accepting it was what made you vulnerable to the subliminal messages sent by Metanoia? And that was why all the converted characters wire them as well?
    • Aside from being underground, why was the computer shop called as the Bomb Shelter? Because, as anyone who has been to that kind of place can attest, the gamers tend to be holed up for hours and their body odors accumulate. One of the words Filipinos use for body odor is putok, which literally means explosion.
  • Genius Bonus: Actually, Nationality Bonus would suit it better. Anyone who hasn't lived in the Philippines probably won't know the (real life) games that the characters play around the middle of the film.
    • Gamer Bonus: Naturally, the characters often use gaming terms.
    • Psychology Bonus: From the game title itself to their discussions of subliminal messages and the subconscious.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Nearly two years after this was first released, another movie about video games also featured a tower that releases a light that attracts bug-like Airborne Mooks to their death after the completion of an objective.
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  • Playing Against Type: Cel is voiced by Vhong Navarro, a comedian who rarely plays stoic characters and villains.


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