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Shout Out / RPG Metanoia

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  • Aside from the Helm of Destiny being based on the Moriones, it has powers similar to the Helm of Domination.note 
  • Nico name-drops Big Brother when Cel claims that he's watching their every move. It's more likely a reference to the series than the book because ABS-CBN, which co-produced this movie as Star Cinema, also produced several seasons of a local version of the show.
    • It could also be an Actor Allusion to Zaijian Jaranilla, Nico's voice actor, who played a boy who meets with Jesus Christ, whom he calls as "Bro", in the flesh in the 2009 TV Series May Bukas Pa from the same network.
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  • There's a place called Jotunheim in the Scandinavian server and there's a Scandinavian character using a lightning hammer.
  • One of the Korean avatars is using a bow (though he used a BFS in most of his appearances in the movie). Jumong is quite popular in the Philippines. That scene in the Korean server is an Homage to Korean Drama in general.
  • There's a Kikuchiyo forest in the Japanese server. The film might be too obscure to be in Filipino pop culture but Samurai 7 did air locally.
  • Watchtower 88 from the tournament is a reference to an anecdote about a young Jose Rizal listening to his mother's story about a moth that flew too close a flame. After the tournament concluded, the insectoid warriors they fought are shown flying toward the laser beams that appeared.
  • There are replica models of the Enterprise and what seems to be the RB-79 Ball in Cel's room.
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  • C4SS4NDR4's pet Jolens is a reference to the marbles that Filipino kids play with, perhaps used to, and to Jolina Magdangal's nickname.

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