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  • Cliché Storm: Ellen and Matt's relationship, which managed to display no less that five tropes—Black Gal on White Guy Drama, Disabled Love Interest (he's paralyzed), Likes Older Women (she's at least 10 years his senior), Teacher/Student Romance (he's an intern while she's an attending), and Defrosting Ice Queen.
  • Retroactive Recognition: Chris was played by a young Nolan North.
  • The Un-Twist: When the "General Homicide" murders kicked off, Julie Devlin was the prime suspect, as the first victim was her father, whom she'd had a vicious argument with. Witnesses reported seeing her at other crime scenes and she was promptly arrested. The murders stopped while she was in prison, then resumed once she was acquitted and released. Everything culminated in a bomb being planted in the hospital and a close-up of Julie's watch mirroring the countdown to detonation. All this and it was still a shock when Julie was revealed to be the "General Homicide" killer.
    • Then it was "untwisted" even more when the real killer turned out to be resident psycho (or rather psycho resident) Greg Cooper, who kicked off the show by holding the interns hostage—he didn't know which one of them had replaced him in the residency program and as such, intended to kill them all to get his revenge. It turned out he had somehow managed to periodically sneak out of the mental hospital he was incarcerated in order to commit the murders. Julie's supposed guilt was the result of the Stockholm Syndrome/Brainwashed and Crazy she developed after he kidnapped her (for some reason, he developed a particularly sick fixation on her).

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