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YMMV / Night Man

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  • Big-Lipped Alligator Moment: For no good reason, David Hasselhoff appears as the mastermind of the illegal weapons sale near the end of the pilot. He's on screen for maybe fifteen seconds before NightMan throws him out a window, after which Johnny gets a post-mortem one-liner to underline the supremely pointless cameo ( "Life's a hassle, isn't it?"), delivered to no one. Glen Larson stablemates referenced: one. Impact on the plot: zero.
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  • Special Effects Failure: In the pilot, Johnny Domino is struck by lightning while riding a San Francisco streetcar. Except they filmed the scene on an incredibly sunny day with a clear blue sky, then composited in fake, ominous stormclouds—leaving the rest of the scene bright and sunlit. The resulting lightning strike seems to come from Effectsland rather than being an organic part of the scene. This is especially egregious as the lightning strike is Night Man's origin story.


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