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YMMV / Mystery Science Theater 3000 S09 E10: The Final Sacrifice

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  • Crosses the Line Twice: The Canada Song, particularly the final segment with Servo's openly pining for Canada's destruction and the horrified reactions of Mike and Crow.
  • Funny Moments:
    • When Troy shoots Satoris:
      Servo: Ow! You shot my butt! What the hell? You shot me in the butt!
    • As Satoris dies and burns:
      Crow: So Mike, most humans, when you shoot 'em in the butt, they burst into flames?
      Mike: Well, umm...
      Crow: Wait, can we try it? Turn around.
    • The "Canada Song"
    • And of course...
      Servo: You've got mud on your face / Ya big dis-grace / Shovin' those sandwiches into your face, / Singin'
      All: We will, we will, Rowsdower!
      Servo: SING IT!!
    • "I think the movie's going really well!"
    • The entire sequence with Mike Pipper, especially the Yosemite Sam impressions.
      Troy: You knew my father?
      Servo (as Pipper): Knew him?! He was delicious!
    • From the same sequence:
      Troy: What happened to him?
      Mike (as Pipper): I jerked him!
    • "I'd like to sing something from Bone Machine..."
    • Troy trying to cut himself loose from the ropes:
      Mike (as Troy): I dropped it! ... Which is the sharp side? ... Um, I cut both my wrists! ... Um, I somehow swallowed the knife.
    • When Rowsdower nearly bashes Troy's head in during a brief case of mistaken identity..
      Mike (as Troy): Wait, it's me!
      Servo (as Rowsdower): I know!
    • "Rowsdower-mobile awaaaaaay!"
      • ”And together, they fought crime all throughout southwestern Alberta!”
    • "Canadian villain Garth Vader!"
    • When Troy's walking through a forest of trees looking at the map.
      Crow (as Troy): Turn left at the tree. That helps.
    • The name Zap Rowsdower is already amusing on its own, but hearing Satoris growling it out in his evil, pitch-adjusted voice is enough to send Mike and the Bots into a giggling fit.
    • The whole "Larry Csonka" Running Gag is this....namely because the name Larry Csonka generally sounds silly.
      Servo (as Troy): ( the tune of Sarah MacLachlan's "Possession") ...and I will be the hold Larry Csonka down...kiss him so hard...I'll take Larry Csonka's breath away...
      Crow: *as Troy produces the Dad photo and sets it on his desk* "Mornin', Larry!"
      Mike (as Photo Of Troy's Dad/"Larry Csonka-A-Like"): Hey! Get this caterpillar off my lip!
    • Some ominous establishment shots of the tiny town are shown while the sound of Rowsdower trying to start his truck is heard...
      Crow: Uh oh. The town's alternator is shot.
    • They come back from commercial break to see Rowsdower still pumping the accelerator and trying to start his truck, to which Mike adds: "Seven years later..."
      • Which is also a call back to the title card after the cold opening and opening credits.
    • Troy calls the Operator, trying to find out about Mike Pipper but to no avail...
      (Troy hangs up phone)
      Crow: Aaaaaaannnndddd the investigation comes to a close!
    • From the same scene:
      Troy: Hey, can I have the number for Mike Pipper?
      Mike (as phone operator): (in sing-songy voice) No!
    • The entire "Rowsdower's Terrifying Satoris-Induced Flashback-Nightmare of Doom" sequence....culminating in.....
      (Rowsdower has a Catapult Nightmare moment, screaming)
      Mike (as Rowsdower): ...I FORGOT THE LIQUOR STORE CLOSES AT EIGHT!
    • "Heh heh... You know it's spring when the executioners start getting in the house!"
    • When Troy confronts Satoris:
      Satoris: Why don't you ask your 'friend' when he arrives?
      Servo: Ha ha! The jokes on you! I don't have any friends!
  • Harsher in Hindsight: All the jokes about Rowsdower being in poor shape or having a bad heart. His actor, Bruce Mitchell, died on April 28, 2018 of heart failure.
  • Heartwarming Moments: Following Bruce J. Mitchell's death, numerous MST3K fans visited the funeral home's memorial page to express their condolences. Practically no tasteless jokes or inappropriate memes to be found; just a lot of respectful comments on how Mitchell's role brought them so much enjoyment, and how they wished to let his friends and family know that many more people mourned his passing than they may have realized.
  • Memetic Mutation: "I wonder if there's beer on The Sun."