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YMMV / Mona Lisa Smile

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  • Hollywood Homely: Connie. At least according to Betty, who treats her like she's an hopeless case, while Ginnifer Goodwin is very pretty and not even pudgy by The '50s standards (and indeed no one save Betty brings this up). It's strongly implied that is all about her lack of self-esteem rather than unattractiveness or whatever. It's probably Betty feeling insecure about herself and taking it out on someone she knows will be an easy target.
  • Les Yay : Quite a lot between Giselle and Connie.
    • Arguably you can't tell with whom Giselle is more smitten, Bill Dunbar or Katherine Watson.
  • Retroactive Recognition: Krysten Ritter has a tiny role as one of the students in Katherine's class.

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