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  • Broken Base:
    • Both Avengers Arena and Superior Spider-Man. Opponents say that they exist solely to, and are sold mainly on, pissing off fans of the characters involved. Supporters say that if you can look past all that, they're actually really well-written.
    • Hickman's Avengers book is also quite a divisive. It's either a great build-up to something or the dullest thing Marvel is putting out right now.
    • Nova volume 6. Created by Jeph Loeb. Stars a Replacement Scrappy. Said replacement scrappy was introduced in a highly controversial animated series where he is one of the most hated characters. And yet, some fans who read past these say that this is probably the best work Loeb did since he started working for Marvel. The book has gained more support from fans after issue 6 when the writing teams changed.
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    • Everything about currently announced of the upcoming Avengers NOW relaunch. Thor's power being wielded by a woman, Cap becoming elderly and passing the shield to Falcon, the Hulk under his most recent "Flowers for Algernon" Syndrome turn going after all other Gamma powered individuals and Tony taking a level in jerkass switching to a silver armor and hopping across the country to give out Extremis to the masses have all left fans very divided.
    • Thanks to elements of the Marvel Cinematic Universe being brought in, people have became divided on if its a good thing or not, especially as its becoming more frequent following Marvel NOW coming into play. The 'film friendly' costumes, the inclusion of film original characters like Phil Coulson, and the promoted prominence of the Guardians of the Galaxy and Inhumans. Its lead to accusations they're de-servicing the franchises that can't be brought into the MCU, namely X-Men and Fantastic Four, due to killing off Wolverine and cancelling FF (the spinoff book of the Fantastic Four). However, there's plenty of fans who embrace the Ret-Canon elements, point to older instances of it working for the better, and disagree with the assumption that Marvel are conspiring against Fox.
  • Cult Classic: The aforementioned Arena and to a lesser extent X-Men Legacy. Thunderbolts is also likely to be this once it ends due to the small readership but positive reception following Charles Soule taking over.
    • Nick Spencer's Secret Avengers. Not a particularly strong seller (it averaged around 20K sales), it got consistently good reviews despite the Audience-Alienating Premise of SHIELD mindwiping Avengers and obvious pandering to the MCU, and had a pretty strong fanbase. It was partially helped by the equal gender split, and the heavy plot focus on Taskmaster and Mockingbird, endearing it to female readers.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: The top brass at Marvel said that the NOW!s were NOT going to be an annual affair, despite fan jokes once Avengers NOW! happened... That is exactly what they are now.
  • Mis-blamed: Tom Brevoort tends to get a lot of hate and harassment online due to anything Marvel does and any decision it makes ever since this initiative started, despite just being an editor for a few titles, and not being in charge of the executive side of things. He was even blamed for Edgar Wright leaving Ant-Man of all things.
  • Trolling Creator: A few months before Superior Spider-Man was released, Dan Slott teased over Twitter that Peter's replacement would be Miguel O'Hara. The fans mostly rejoiced until this was proven false.
    • Following the revelation of who it really was, fans were dismayed because the new Spider-Man was apparently going to date Mary Jane. As Mary Jane was unaware the new Spidey wasn't her Spidey, this would make a sexual relationship with them Rape by Fraud. Then they previewed the second issue's cover, which shows Mary Jane being forcefully kissed by the new Spidey, and in the first issue (and the last issue of the previous series) had the two start dating, with Mary Jane admitting she's in love with him, while the new Spidey treated her like crap. Come second issue, and they reveal a relationship between the two will not be pursued, it makes all the previous moments between the two feel like Dan Slott was deliberately winding up those upset with this.

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