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  • Fridge Brilliance: Marcus casually reads minds, so he could very easily have stumbled across the infiltrator to the academy, and been murdered because of it.
    • Fridge Horror: Just what did Mobius do to Amber to make Nyro explode like that just by Daigo referring to him...
  • Ho Yay: Albert towards Duke. There's also Alex's complete devotion to Daigo, emphasised whenever he starts going crazy.
    • And Duke, toward Leonard, what with "protecting him" and "giving him comfort." Right...
  • Nightmare Fuel: Qord's first murder. Human corpses stuffed with food.
    • Alex is simply a mass of Nightmare Fuel and Uncanny Valley after that episode with S-White. There was something about that madness that was just so sick and horrifically wrong.
    • Daigo's Erebus Spell. That...cannot be good.
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    • Makimura's power is this, and it shows. Nate's hallucination under his power is beyond horrible. And he was barely getting started.
    • What is scarier than a Monster Clown? A Monster Clown that walks through walls and can show up out of nowhere, wielding a large sickle blade. Not to mention the connotations "Shinigami" seems to have...a hired killer, working in a place full of kids...who, exactly, is he being hired to kill? Not to mention the little detail that Ein is also a Psycho for Hire with a thing for Sex Is Violence...
      • Ein Woe in general is a boat load of freaky stuff. Even an RP'er thought the metallic looking bone thing on the left side of his face is just armor. In reality, that is how his face naturally looks. There is also the fact that he showed a disturbing amount of bloodlust, almost enough that a student could feel it from his stare, and was blatantly planning to kill Amber and Nate, one of which being a broken woobie, the other being a teacher. It really shows how much free reign the psychopath has.
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    • Mystletain also has a rather freaky atmosphere to him. When Nathan is about to try to prove he is a ghost somehow and thinks Myst being incorporeal means he cannot hurt him, Leonard freaks out and basically makes Nathan sit back down. That we are told absolutely nothing about what Mystletain even does somewhat increases the horror by making us imagine our own conclusions about what happened.
    • One random note really sets how humanity-hating and horrifying Mobius Blackmore was. One method of creating the Gem of Might involves liquifying a baby and mixing the resulting ooze into a cocktail of other liquids and then setting it into the form of a bright red sphere. The implication being these are particularly potent and powered by the spirit of a dead baby.
      • Mobius period. Someone so incredibly powerful that the implication is he was responsible for a lot of the war in Europe and verging on complete immortality and who possesses a soul chilling hatred of humanity for whatever reason is terrifying.
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    • Now, Leonard's usually pretty benign, but there have been...hints...that he has a worse history than we thought. When one of Nate's Chaos creatures went to hurt Nathan, Leonard got hit with flashbacks to the Silent Forest Massacre. Which results in him getting really, really angry, and using the Grand Tree Magic Closed Carnage Forest. This spell turns every single fucking plant in an area into deadly weapons. If he had any less control, everyone there would be very, very dead.
    • The Gem of Might. Bleugh. Your chest is pried open, a little red gem is placed in there, close to your heart...and then black roots start flying out and wrapping around you, and your mind is slowly warped and degraded until you're laughing between screams, your body warping into a terrifying mockery of a human. The icing on the cake is the name of these things, Rukavi, is based on the Russian word for Devil. And there's what that one was made in order to accomplish.
    • One background detail; the horrifyingly powerful Barlogis Lava-Demons, featuring in some background material and a yet to be released one-shot, were created when Mobius cut himself over some lava. That is how toxic his Black Magic is.
    • Then there's the time he dropped into Gaza amidst a war, and did something called the "Gaza Massacre". He alone made the Israeli death toll go from 1039. In thirty seconds. The sheer petty ease with which he and his comrades made a bloody war even worse is chilling, what is even worse is that he apparently wants to Ra's Al Ghul style cleanse the Earth.
    • Then there's his "Pipeline Explosion", wherein he had planned on wrecking a pipeline for environmental reasons. He accidentally threw a powerful fire spell into the pipeline. The result? A massive area in the eastern united states has been ripped open, and more than a million people lost their lives in one hour. He's...really, dead serious.
  • Tear Jerker: Qord's backstory, as revealed by the Data Disc. The poor man was basically the last of his kind, one of the last living Mages of the College, and the new college apparently abandoned him, leaving him and his son to run, alone, for the Zanackt as the world is destroyed behind them. Qord gets a Hope Spot when it looks like they're gonna make it...only for it to be cruelly dashed by a gigantic Viseilian rising from the ground, and hurling a whole chunk of planetary crust at them. Qord, looking crushed, is again given a Hope Spot by his son making a portal, apparently inheriting his magic and with much greater distance...only for his son to push him through it into the Zanackt, sacrificing himself to make sure his father made it to safety. And then Qord gets to watch his son get crushed to death as the ship takes off, leaving him with people he doesn't even know, in a world completely foreign to him. No wonder he went insane...
  • The Woobie: A lot of the students have had pretty horrible lives.
    • Leonard is a big one. He has an Accurse Eye, which means he was viewed by everyone sans his mother as nothing but a monster, he was born into a very low economic station, surviving off the street with his prostitute mother, and ended up snatched up by the military and used for several horrible things. And then when that company was destroyed, it was stated he "wandered through hell" until the Principal found him. Then there are the abundant hints his father might well sympathize with Mobius, and adopted Leonard for his resemblance to Mobius, and perhaps even hoping Leonard might complete Mobius' "dream". Then there's the fact that a bunch of his fellow students are planning against him. He has almost no friends, his father had to ask people to be his friends, simply because of the above Accurse Eye issue (and possibly his resemblance to Mobius). Then a psychopath starts turning his possibly only friend against him, and who already doesn't want to return to the same dorm as him. Leonard's life freaking sucks.
    • The Principal and Qord are more along the lines of Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds. With Qord, its literally "destroyer of worlds".

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