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YMMV / Hero Class Civil Warfare

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  • Broken Base: Not to a large degree but there is a bit of it in regards to the handling of Izuku. While most people are fine with how he's been handled, there are a few who believe that he's had it a bit too easy considering he's meant to be the underdog. Bakugou being the opposing team leader is one point that that reinforces this especially when it's shown that he is utterly incompetent as a tactician in contrast to Midoriya who was strategising since he was announced as leader. An argument can be made that half of Midoriya's control is because the other team is just so bad at the game instead of the villains being good at it. Midoriya also has the backing of Aizawa, Nedzu, several students from other classes and conveniently had a Double Agent fall into his lap that just so happened to skirt the rules because she didn't read the rules to see if she could actually get away with switching teams.
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  • Just Here for Godzilla: Overlapping with Catharsis Factor but a good portion of the story's fanbase is reading the story just to see Midoriya finally hold the advantage over Bakugou and beat him at every turn in no uncertain terms. It helps that the story finally shows that there are things Bakugou just isn't as good at as opposed to in canon, where his grades are better than Midoriya's and has shown to be a better combatant.
  • Magnificent Bastard: Midoriya as a villain outright dominates the entire game. If one of his team does fuck up, he quickly adapts to the situation. If he finds himself in danger of being captured, he'll have one of his team perform a Heroic Sacrifice and regain them later. While Bakugou was training, Midoriya was manipulating the events of the game a week before it started.
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  • Rooting for the Empire: A lot of the story's popularity comes from Midoriya truly being able to cut loose and be a villain without having to deal with the morality that comes up with a lot of other Villain!Deku fics. It helps that the story shows why Midoriya would be an excellent villain and also shows why Bakugou wouldn't be a great hero whose treatment caused one of his own teammates to betray him.

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