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Fridge Brilliance

  • Why would Todoroki side against Izuku when he has no particular attachment to Bakugou? Aizawa explains that while he wasn't the most recent Kingpin to win, Endeavor is the winning Kingpin holding the record. This fact is later confirmed by Todoroki explaining to Midoriya that Endeavor ordered him to succeed as a member of the villain team. And Todoroki has no intention in obeying his father.
    • The fact that the most recent winning Kingpin also had a powerful Fire Quirk like Endeavor and went on to work for his agency probably reinforced his decision.
  • Midoriya pretty much controlled his fight with Bakugou. Which makes sense. Bakugou is perhaps the easiest opponent for him if he has prep time. He has been analyzing Quirks all his life – and the first Quirk he dissected after his mother's? Would be Bakugou's Quirk, naturally. And he's continued to analyze it over the years. He probably knows Bakugou's Quirk better than anyone, possibly even Bakugou himself.
    • This may tie into how Izuku planned out what the heroes would do so well: Bakugou is in charge and will make sure the mission is completed his way. With the opinions of his teammates as an afterthought at best.
    • This would also explain why the Villains were caught by surprise when the heroes attacked: Todoroki had taken control of the Hero Team. And Midoriya didn't have him as well-analyzed as Bakugou.
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  • Why is the "Kill The Snitch" objective an Aizawa-bot? Because as part of the assignment, Izuku needed to submit a written plan of the villain's operations to Aizawa, making him the perfect form for the snitchbot.
  • Nedzu notes that while Bakugou did well as a strike-team leader, he wasn't doing so well as a tactician. Bakugou tends to take the lead when in practical exercise and refuses to submit to others, so he has some experience in leading something like a strike team. But he's never needed tactics beyond the level of such a role, so he lacks in the ability of long-term tactics. Whereas Izuku has not only been analyzing Quirks for as long as he can remember and developing theories for their use, he may have used long-term tactics before UA, to minimize violent encounters with his bullies.

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