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Trivia / Hero Class Civil Warfare

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  • Outdated by Canon: As a result of being written long before the Joint Training arc of the manga gave Class 1-B A Day in the Limelight, many of the characterizations and quirks of the lesser known students are... off. Numerous retcons had to be made to make them fall in line with canon.
    • Quirk-wise:
      • Sen Kaibara's Gyrate Quirk had him twist and bend his joints in any direction, which he uses primarily for stability and to give his attacks some extra punch with the additional momentum gained from springing back into place. The manga reveals his Quirk actually gives him the ability to rotate any part of his body like a drill.
      • Togaru Kamakiri's Razor Sharp lets him create Razor Wind with his hands. In canon, it is the ability to produce blades from anywhere on his body.
      • Shihai Kuroiro's Black quirk lets him create and shape areas of utter darkness. The manga reveals his Quirk allows him to enter and move through anything black, and even possess black objects capable of moving, including Dark Shadow.
      • Setsuna Tokage's Lizard Tail Cut allows Tokage, and by proxy Monoma when he copies it, the ability to grow back any severed body part completely. The manga reveals her actual quirk lets her break her body apart into segments and control them telepathically.
      • Reiko Yanagi's Poltergeist lets her create phantom arms from any surface that she can control to grab and move things. The manga reveals its actually a limited form of telekinesis, only able to move things that weigh as much as a single person.
      • Downplayed with Manga Fukidashi's Comic. It lets him make sound effect words in the speech bubble that replaces his head, with similar effects based on what he made. The manga confirms it has the same effect, but on a much more powerful scale.
      • Downplayed with Kinoko Komori's Mushroom Quirk. It lets her grow various fungi and mushrooms, creating spores that allow her to spread them through the area and cause various other effects. The fic adds the caveat that she first grow the mushrooms on her body to spread the spores, whereas the manga doesn't include this limitation and instead simply states she need a humid environment.
      • Downplayed with Monoma Neito's Copy Quirk. It lets him copy other Quirks and use them himself. However, the fic limits him to a single quirk where the manga allows him to copy multiple, does not mention the ten-minute time limit he has in the manga, and lets him use One for All where the manga explains that he can't use any Quirk that has to accumulate resources like One for All or Fatgum and Eri's Quirks.
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    • Characterization-wise:
      • In contrast to her portrayal in the fic where she is careless enough to try switching sides without consulting the rules to see if she can pull it off, Setsuna is revealed in the manga to be a recommendation student like Todoroki, Yaoyozoru, and Honenuki, and a skilled strategist in her own right. This resulted in the retcon that stated while she still didn't read the whole rulebook before making the offer, the Villain Team had Shinsou implant a suggestion in her mind to prevent her from doing so, and she realized it after the fact.
      • Awase and Kaibara are described by Vlad as the "Terror Twins", that they are the two biggest troublemakers in the entire class, the two acting like jokesters and loving to cause trouble. While Awase can get foulmouthed when in a stressful situation, he's largely a straight laced guy in canon, even being the one tasked with keeping Monoma in line when Kendo isn't around. Kaibara meanwhile is often rather quiet, until he either gets annoyed, in which he becomes rather belligerent, or he gets involved in a good fight, in which he becomes the Blood Knight.