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YMMV / Game of Thrones S6E8: "No One"

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  • Alternative Character Interpretation:
    • With his newest decree, Tommen has obviously stacked the deck against his mother. Her losing her trial would among other things officially acknowledge Tommen's true parentage, abolishing his royal claim. Is he merely too dumb to see that, or is he so knee-deep in his new religious fervor that he blindly accepts this possible outcome?
      • Unlike Myrcella, Tommen seems to have no idea he isn't a Baratheon.
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    • Likewise, does the High Sparrow also see the implications of this and plan on abolishing the royal claim (his influence is already the strongest in King's Landing; discrediting the only authority after the Faith could establish The Theocracy he wants), or is it a short-sighted move that will backfire?
      • Not if the incest charge has been dropped. Or if the charge is simply that she slept with Jaime, and not that he fathered her children.
    • Jaqen's smile as Arya leaves. Was this actually what he wanted for her all along?
    • Is Lady Crane really a "good" person? Arya thinks so, which is why she spares her life, but Lady Crane casually mentioning she used to stab her lovers during fits of jealousy throws that out of balance a bit. And there's the fact that Arya just assumed Bianca hired the Faceless Men, even though Jaqen never confirms it either way and informs Lady Crane this with no actual proof, to which Lady Crane then apparently mutilated her.
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  • He's Just Hiding!: A badass extraordinaire like the Blackfish Killed Offscreen by some random Lannister mook? Please, pull the other one.
  • Ho Yay: Edmure spends quite a bit of time complimenting Jaime's looks.
    • Between Bronn and Podrick, when the former gropes and makes a chummy remark about the latter's bedroom skills.
  • The Scrappy: Tommen is firmly in this camp now, with some fans outright preferring Joffrey because he was at least entertaining instead of a pushover.
  • Squick:
    • The brigand that Sandor axes in the crotch gets a close up of gore falling out of said area after the ax is removed.
    • The shot of the Waif's face in the Hall is definitely less pleasant than all the other faces since it is bleeding from the eyes and slack-jawed.
    • While it was a Gory Discretion Shot, the sight and sounds of The Mountain tearing off the Faith Militant's head and tossing it aside is stomach-churning, particularly after seeing the blood pooling up around his corpse.
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    • Even though the camera zooms out some, we are still treated to Sandor whipping his cock out to take a piss.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot: Several of the WMG theories floating around the fandom have been Jossed, but whether it's for the best or not is up to the viewers.
    • The idea that Arya in the last episode—acting so foolishly out in the open when she knows she's being pursued—was actually Jaqen disguised as her, especially given she threw the coin with her right hand (Maisie notably had to train herself to use her left as Arya). The idea being that the Waif was being tested as well, to see if she she could set aside her hate of Arya for a proper emotionless kill or Jaqen was acting out his debt since Arya technically never unnamed him. Also Jossed.
      • Numerous review sites and fansites still maintain that this was their original intention - it can't simply be "Jossed" as a fan theory that never had any basis, so much as the writers lying their asses off out of embarrassment: that they abandoned this story idea after already filming most of it, screwing up the climax to Arya's storyline in the process. It's not just that Arya was out in the daylight...and using her right hand...and "Arya" received what would normally be fatal stab wounds...she's even imitating all of Jaqen's mannerisms, smirking while cocking her head like he does, holding her hands behind her back.
      • A forgivable possibility is that this was an intentional red herring, to tease fans who make too many theories. In a post-episode interview, the director was specifically asked this - but he continued the charade by doubling down on it, and actually claiming that they were trying to show Arya being overconfident by just...milling around on a bridge. When the previous episode showed her panicked and hiding in cellars. Yeah.
      • Generally the theory goes like this: their original plan was that the "Arya" we saw last episode (right-handed, smirking, carelessly walking around in broad daylight and without her sword) was actually Jaqen in disguise, as a test for the Waif. The Faceless Men don't believe in killing for personal reasons, and Jaqen even stressed to the Waif that now that she must kill Arya, she should do it quickly (i.e. slicing her throat) instead of needlessly making her suffer. Jaqen used himself as bait, but then rather than slice "Arya's" throat, the Waif gave her multiple gut stabs - which would take a while to die from while suffering in agony. Thus the Waif failed her own test. Meanwhile, the Faceless Men also kind of don't believe in killing people who don't deserve it (it's complicated in the books, they have a weird code of ethics), so Arya refusing to grant death to Lady Crane might have actually been a pass for her. The Waif would discover too late that it wasn't really Arya, then somehow track down the real one who was meeting up with her actor friend Lady Crane (she doesn't know anyone else), at which point they would get into a protracted chase/fight scene. Then, somehow, either the filming got disrupted or - more likely - the showrunners thought this was "too confusing" and just cut out all of the other, already filmed footage, to make it that real Arya actually gets severely stabbed...and recovers quickly enough to get into a running parkour fight sequence...regardless of how odd this is. The showrunners honestly thought "some people might get confused by shapeshifter swapping identities" but that no one would be confused at "Arya miraculously gets into a running city-wide fight scene despite already suffering severe stab wounds to the gut".
    • Another one is an highly anticipated hypothetical event referred by fans as Cleganebowl, which posits a duel between Sandor Clegane and his brother Gregor in a trial by combat that will decide Cersei's fate. Fans welcomed Sandor's return from the previous episode as likely build up for the duel, as he fulfills the "younger brother" part of Maggy's prophecy, which states he will bring about Cersei's doom. However, with Tommen outlawing the practice of trial by combat, the encounter has been likely postponed, if not outright dropped. There are those optimistic that it will happen, but since the show never established the "younger brother" part in the prophecy, it's highly possible that Cleganebowl was never meant to be featured in the series. Or it will be featured without a trial by combat.
      • There's no reason the Faith would select Sandor as their champion. The septon he was with had a very different philosophy from the High Sparrow's.
    • The popular theory that Lady Stoneheart was the figurehead behind the Brotherhood Without Banners apparent Face–Heel Turn was similarly jossed with the reappearance of Beric Dondarion and Thoros of Myr, revealing that the men who murdered Brother Ray's community were acting under the rogue leadership of Lem Lemoncloak, and not Stoneheart. It's safe to assume at this point in the show, Catelyn's body would be far too decomposed to be revived and would largely considered to be 'too little too late' in the show's run to have much dramatic impact.


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