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YMMV / Freaky Flyers

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  • Funny Moments: The game as a whole is really funny, but by far the funniest character in the game is Pilot X. Especially his running gag of taking off a different bizarre disguise before each flyer fights him. His disguises are:
  • Jerkass Woobie: Traci Torpedoes is an abrasive jingoist, but the revelation that she was created solely to serve the German airforce is sad in its way. Not to mention the constant harassment from sexist creeps and the other revelation that her sisters have been relegated to jobs in the sex industry.
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  • That One Achievement: Getting all missions done in a level in one run whilst still getting first place. On some stages this isn't too bad, but on others it requires nearly inhuman timing and meticulous planning. Whats worse is that if you want to complete the game with 100% completion, you HAVE to do this with every stage!
  • That One Level: Intestinal Track. You have to escape a body whilst grabbing oxygen bubbles, going down various dimly lit vessels with tight turns, and white blood cells that deal great damage. The level involves a lot of trial and error and overall a pain to get through, especially with the aforementioned white blood cells who are not only placed in areas where they are already hard to dodge but will quickly home in on you. The only real saving graces of the stage is its music and being one of the coolest looking stages in the game.

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