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  • Alternate Character Interpretation: It's up in the air how much sympathy St Clair deserves. He lies to Florence to spare her feelings, but is it because he's afraid of devastating her? Or does he just not want to have to do the Cruel to Be Kind thing? The fact that Florence's ego is a shaky thing does give him good reason, but how much of that is due to being constantly lied to by her inner circle?
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  • Award Snub: Inverted. When Amy Adams was infamously snubbed for an Oscar nomination for Arrival, and Meryl Streep was nominated for this, many cited this as the nomination that should have been cut to make way for Arrival's.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
    • As of The Girl on the Train and The Greatest Showman Rebecca Ferguson seems typecast as the unlucky other woman.
    • It's hilarious if you watch this and then watch Meryl Streep in Ricki and the Flash where she does the opposite - a talented musician who doesn't get the recognition she deserves.
    • Simon Helberg, best known for The Big Bang Theory appears in an Oscar Bait film. As if following tradition, the next year his co-star Jim Parsons would do the same in Hidden Figures.
    • Brid Brennan playing Meryl Streep's maid is amusing if you've seen the film version of Dancing At Lunasa - where they play sisters. And Brid goes on a rant about how she's Meryl's unpaid servant. Meryl played Kate in the latter, and Brid plays Kitty in this.
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  • Hype Backlash: Meryl Streep's performance garnered her another Oscar nomination, but a lot of critics felt it was a very safe and un-challenging performance - as it was a biopic and period piece. Hence why this nomination was mentioned as one that should have been cut to make way for Arrival. Oddly enough the film averts a lot of the tropes associated with Oscar Bait - released in the spring as opposed to December, and having a much more comedic edge than other biopics.
  • One-Scene Wonder: Agnes Stark only appears in a couple of scenes but she sure does make an impression. She's this in-universe too - easily able to command attention when it's needed.
  • Unintentionally Unsympathetic: St. Clair is a good candidate for this trope. He's never once, in all the years he's been married to Florence, had the courage to tell Florence that she sounds awful, and keeping her shielded from a little Brutal Honesty is a major factor in things spiraling out of control.
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  • The Woobie: All Florence wants to do is sing. The problem is that she's so terrible, everyone who sees her can't do anything but laugh. It's clear that she's devastated by the bad reviews, and convinces herself that the people were really applauding her singing. Not to mention that she had a promising career as a pianist (which she was actually good at) cut short by getting syphilis from her first husband. In Real Life, some physicians now believe that thanks to the syphilis, Jenkins probably heard herself as in-tune, even though she wasn't. Had she not been afflicted, she'd have sung normally.

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