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Tear Jerker / Florence Foster Jenkins

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For a lighthearted movie, there's quite a few:

  • The tender confession scene between Florence and Cosme at his apartment, in which she opens up about her past as a piano player and losing the ability to play due to nerve damage as well as the intense loneliness she feels whenever St. Clair goes away for the weekend. The two then play a Chopin piece together, with Cosme playing the left hand part. It's at this moment that Cosme comes to understand Florence's motivations and truly begins to bond with his patron.
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  • The beginning of the Carnegie Hall concert, when the audience begins to heckle and jeer at Florence. She's so upset that she nearly faints. Thankfully—and as described above—Agnes Stark is on hand to turn this into a Heartwarming Moment instead.
  • The entirety of Florence's death scene. As she lies dying, she hears Cosme playing piano, and imagines herself back on stage at Carnegie Hall, singing again. Only this time, she sounds absolutely gorgeous...and we realize that this is how she always heard herself. She genuinely believed that she was a beautiful opera diva, which takes some of the humor from the whole film. In Real Life, it has been speculated that the nerve damage from syphilis also affected her hearing, thus explaining why she honestly did not realize how terrible she sounded
    • Similarly, Florence's Famous Last Words, which hint at the fact that deep down, she might have known that she was bad, but didn't care: "People may say I couldn't sing...but no one can ever say I didn't sing."
  • The fact that Florence's first husband infected her with syphilis when she was only eighteen and effectively ruined her life; she has scarring and no hair, her health is delicate, she lost the ability to play her beloved piano and she can't have children, or even a sex life, with her second husband. At one point, she wonders how her life would have been if she'd never met him.

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