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Funny / Florence Foster Jenkins

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  • The movie builds very well to Florence's first singing lesson. Even if you know what's coming, it's still hysterically funny, made even funnier with Cosme's deer-in-headlights face. Hell, Cosme bursts into hysterical giggles as soon as he's in the elevator.
  • Agnes hears Florence sing for the first time and starts cackling so hard she has to be quickly escorted out. She crawls out of the room.
    Agnes (LITERALLY rolling on the floor): She is the worst goddamn singer in the entire world!
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  • Florence's obsession with potato salad. She's somehow convinced that if she ever runs out, her parties and luncheons will be a disaster. At one point, we see exactly how St. Clair and Kitty prepare for those functions—they quite literally fill a bathtub with potato salad, and ladle it out as they need more.

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