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Heartwarming / Florence Foster Jenkins

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  • During Florence's big concert at Carnegie Hall, the soldiers that she invited begin to laugh hysterically at her, and more audience members join in, deriding her singing voice and mocking her. Florence is so overwhelmed that she almost faints...and that's when Agnes Stark, who had laughed at an earlier performance, jumps up from her seat and silences the crowd with a whistle. She screams at the hecklers for making fun of Florence, noting that she's singing her heart out and deserves to be treated better. Agnes then rallies the whole crowd to give the singer a standing ovation, including the soldiers who initially teased her; Florence is then able to continue. It's clear that, despite initially thinking Florence a joke, Agnes has come to respect her for her passion and love of music.
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  • In the same scene, Augustus Corbin, a playwright friend of Kathleen's who had also teased Florence earlier, is among the first to stand up and start applauding thunderously.
  • Cosme, after the performance, beams at St. Claire and with a mix of awe and happiness, crows delightly that he got to play in Carnegie Hall, and all thanks to Florence and St. Claire.
  • Florence revealing the contents of her briefcase— her will—to write Cosme into it.
  • Cosme wordlessly stepping in to play piano with Florence, having learned just how much she loved playing and coming to understand how emotionally devastating it was for her to have lost dexterity in her left hand.
  • In telling Cosme about her and St. Clair in their earlier days, Florence talks about his acting and how she occasionally hid reviews to spare him. Part of the film's humour is in how St. Clair is willing to bribe critics and even go so far as to dictate the wording of certain reviews, but this along with an earlier conversation shows she is willing to protect her husband just as much as he is her and deeply cares about his happiness.
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  • Florence's motherly nature coming out when she sees the state Cosme has let his apartment get into and insists on washing his dishes. Especially notable considering that as a wealthy socialite with a maid, she probably doesn't usually do the washing up.

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