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Heartwarming / The Florida Project

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  • Halley taking Jancey and Moonee to a fireworks display to celebrate Jancey's birthday.
  • Despite Halley's life falling apart and her increasingly desperate and illegal means of obtaining money, the film consistently shows that she cares very deeply for Moonee. When she realizes that beating up Ashley may consequently tear them apart, she takes her daughter to a nice hotel and treats her to a continental breakfast.
  • Some very small examples, but Bobby and some of the motel staff going along with the kids' antics, such as Bobby letting them hide under his desk during a game of hide and seek.
    • When Child Services is arguing with Halley, Bobby tries to hide the situation from Moonee and Jancy, saying "Jancey, go home." Remember that Jancey does not live at the Magic Castle motel. Bobby knows the name of the best friend of one of his tenants.