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YMMV / Earth vs. the Spider

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  • Critical Research Failure: The spider expert repeatedly refers to it as an insect.
  • Narm Charm: It opened to good reviews and high praise for its effects. Even today the effects hold up rather well compared to many other low-budget films.note  See the Nightmare Fuel page for some of the firsts it achieved in film too.
  • Narm: That unspeakably goofy scene where the local kids decide to have a sock hop in the same gymnasium as a giant man-eating spider and discover that hard way that The Power of Rock isn't always a good thing.
    • Well, the band's leader did ask for the music loud enough "to wake the dead"...
  • Older Than They Think: Decades later, and this movie's genre is still the butt of jokes for how silly and contrived they were. Despite being from the most famous decade of the genre, however, it already addressed many of those issues and sometimes comes across like a modern Reconstruction. The plot-triggering death in the Cold Open is actually treated as tragic and affects the rest of the movie, the Cassandra Truth lasts for barely a few minutes, even the unreasonable authority figure does his job and isn't stupid enough to deny the obvious, the monster is not arbitrarily Immune to Bullets, simply hard to damage that way due to its biology (and it is damaged throughout the movie by mundane sources), there is acknowledgement that the monster must have an origin, but it doesn't commit to anything that Science Marches On from, and the teens returning to the monster's lair aren't reckless or stupid due to having every reason to believe that it's dead (and elsewhere) when they do so. Regardless, it still hits the major beats of the genre, proving that being an Idiot Plot or using Hollywood Science are not Necessary Weasels after all, long before it was popular to even point out those problems with the genre.
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  • So Bad, It's Good: In the eyes of some people, anyway.

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