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  • Complete Monster:
    • The unnamed terrorist duo, from season 3's "Blowing Up Is Hard To Do", are the representatives of an anti-governmental militia called the Brotherhood who try and blow up a newscaster with a car bomb when he refuses to read out their manifesto on air. Undeterred by the foiled plot, the terrorist duo up their scheme by attempting to blow up the Chicago Sun Times building and all the innocent people there, with one of them gleefully musing on how tame the 1861 Chicago Fire will seem in comparison to the devastation, being willing to murder anyone who impedes them.
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    • Detective Savales, from the season 4 two-parter "Fatal Edition", is a seemingly good cop who is actually deeply corrupt. Savales is actually a hitman who has murdered 6 people in the last 2 years, making the deaths look like accidents so his clients can collect on life insurance policies and give him a cut. Savales uses blackmail to force the police coroner to help cover up these murders. When a reporter investigates this murder-for-hire scheme, Savales murders him and frames Gary Hobson for his crimes. Savales also tries to murder the informant the reporter used to research this story. When Armstrong and Brigatti, two other cops on the force, start to uncover Savales's corrupt dealings, Savales plans to murder them and frame Gary for their deaths.
  • "Funny Aneurysm" Moment: The Christmas Episode had the scene where Santa grabs a bomb and is presumably killed. A similar situation happens in Grey's Anatomy when a bomb squad guy played by Kyle Chandler is killed after removing a replica bazooka shell lodged in a man's gut.
    • Near the end of the pilot, Gary tells Det. Tagliotti that he hopes to never see her again. The next episode showed she got demoted with Crumb taking her place.
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  • Iron Woobie: Again, Gary, for the same reasons as The Determinator.
  • Narm: When the homeless man falls to his death in "Fate", particularly the awkward bluescreen effect where it just looks like a picture of the homeless man getting smaller. This was sadly cut in syndication.
  • The Scrappy: Patrick. Made worse that he's named after one of the creators, Patrick Q. Page.
    • Also Henry (and to a lesser extent his mother) for basically meeting every qualification for the Cousin Oliver trope including being forced into the plot of every episode he was even including a discussion between two countries. In fact, he was so hated that he and his mother were dropped from Season 4 altogether
  • Tear Jerker:
    • "Thief Swipes Mayor's Dog", even if you're not a dog lover. Phil losing his beloved dog Bugle can hit anyone who's had a dog, and lost one.

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