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  • In the pilot, after Gary's used the paper to win all the day's horse races, he gives all the winnings to Marissa instead of keeping it for himself.
  • The episode "Choices" is full of heartwarming. Gary keeps trying to save passengers from a plane crash. His only problem is that he keeps getting side-lined by a little girl in need of medical help (not to mention the incompetent medical staff). Near the end of the episode he fears that he's only saved the child and beats himself up about it. Turns out, the little girl's father was the pilot of the plane Gary'd been trying to save all episode. Because the little girl got the proper medical attention, he was pulled off of the runway at the last minute to go see her in the hospital, so the plane crash never happened.
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  • All of Gary's little good deeds near the beginning of "Baby". From preventing a robbery, to keeping a little girl from running away from home, to preventing a needy woman from getting scammed out of priceless coin. All in a day's work.
  • From "Hoops", Robby telling his brother Michael that he doesn't need stuff, like a yard to play in or a bigger house. All he really needs is his big brother, his family.
  • Throughout the entirety of "The Wrong Man", Marsha, her parents, and Phil have been nothing but completely shallow, horrible people. But near the end of the episode, at Marsha and Phil's wedding. While Marsha's father is still a douchebag, telling his wife that he might cry (because his daughter's marriage would be good for business). Marsha's mother however takes a moment to look back at Gary, who was invited to the ceremony, and gives him an almost apologetic look. It was a small thing, but it said a lot.
  • In the episode "Frostbite" while bunking at Gary's place, Chuck happens to come across the paper and learns that Gary and a homeless boy will be dead by morning, due to being trapped in a cold building and freezing to death. What's the first thing Chuck does? He runs out of the hotel in a bathrobe and slippers to try and save his friend.
    • THAT'S NOTHING! Chuck actually walked all the way to where Gary and Tony were in order to help, the poor man actually collapsed due to the cold!

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