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  • Complete Monster: Zharradan Marr is the former cabal mate of Zagor and Balthus Dire, and easily the worst of the so-called "Demonic Three". After the trio murdered their mentor, Volgerra Darkstorm, Zharradan struck out on his own, becoming the despotic ruler of the region around Trolltooth Pass, and aiming to extend his rule over the whole of the continent. Using mind-control drugs and fear to keep his soldiers in line, Zharradan assembled a slave-mining force and an army of cannibal monsters, sacrificing countless sentient beings to the mines and his army's hunger. Experimenting with transformational magic, Zharradan Marr transformed the Captain of the Galleykeep into the titular Creature of Havoc, then turned it loose in his dungeons, arranging for the Creature to encounter, kill, and cannibalize many members of the Galleykeep's former crew along the way. More than happy to discard his henchmen for failing him or outliving their usefulness, Zharradan's final attempt at manipulating the Creature into killing Vallaska Roue and handing over the secrets of Elven magic that would grant him mastery over the very stuff of life, cemented his position as one of the worst beings on the continent of Allansia.
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  • Enjoy the Story, Skip the Game: The gamebook is famous for its intense and deep storyline. However, trying to play it fair is so maddeningly difficult and unforgiving you that few would criticize someone who decides to give up and just read the story.
  • Fanfic Fuel: What actually lies there in Eren Durdinath? What's in Spider Forest?
  • The Woobie: Poor 29. Simply because he was hanging around once with a Rhino-Man working for Balthus Dire, he was constantly harassed and punished by his superiors. His soldier life was a living hell, and although he knew how to escape, he couldn't because his sister was held prisoner by Zarradan Marr's men. So, when he finally receives the good news she is free and well, he escapes but gets caught inside a trap that makes him hunting game for the Galleykeep. And you cannot help him.
    • Poor Grog is one of the only trusted friends that the Creature gets in the adventure. In a world where everything is trying to kill him, it is very pleasant to find a helpful hand. He especially looks sympathetic when he is found pushed around by a bunch of humans, and the illustration makes it look even more like he is a poor monster at the mercy of racist bullies. Considering the protagonist is himself a Butt-Monkey monster, it's quite relatable. So you will feel sorry for him when he does a Heroic Sacrifice to save you from the Toadmen.

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