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  • Alternate Character Interpretation:
    • A lot of dispute remains over whether the Firstborn is an inhuman, malicious monster or a tragic, abused being. Certainly, it seems to be rather eager to break into reality and destroy the world as we know it and its killing of Cole and Jones is recognized by all to be quite vile, but considering that it is suffering from an eternity of Parental Abandonment in which the parent is God and the Abandonment consisted of being kicked out of REALITY ITSELF (and which we don't exactly know if it is even possible for it to return to it without screwing everything up), after which God chose to create new, more favored children... yeah, let's just say it has valid issues. Of course, the converse is that the Firstborn- having great power but virtually no restraint or responsibility- was recognized by God to be fundamentally unfit for reality and only confirmed that evaluation by promptly trying to destroy said reality due to the equivalent of a temper tantrum and whose malignant nature was confirmed by the needless slaughter of Cole and Jones... Let's just say this is prime ground for debate amongst fans.
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    • In the Dummied Out Alternate Ending, the Firstborn turns out to be neither good nor evil. The High Priestess of Ur, Ereshkigall (who is also the True Final Boss in this ending), enslaved the Firstborn to use its power herself. The Firstborn was powerless to resist Ereshkigall, for it was lacking a soul. When Ross gives his disembodied soul to the Firstborn, it is finally able to destroy the vile priestess.
  • Awesome Music: Pretty much the entire soundtrack, particularly the boss battle/regular battle themes. Especially the ones that involve epic, creepy choirs.
  • Complete Monster: While The Firstborn itself is a Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds, the same cannot be said about two of its followers:
    • Hanne Lichthammer, head of the Geheimnisvoll Abwehrmacht division of the Nazi party, is a psychic sadomasochist renowned and feared for her work for her brutal interrogation and torture, opting to sunder the mind instead of the body and leaving countless victims of all ages slaughtered in her wake. When resurrected as an agent of the Firstborn, Lichthammer has piled up thousands of bodies and has used her new powers to abominate her own men into horrific, tortured fusions of man and weapon to slaughter all they see. Eventually intent on helping the Firstborn invade and destroy all humanity, Lichthammer delves deep enough to mock Billie about her past of sexual abuse by her father when the Jericho squad finally confronts her in a Torture Cellar of her own making.
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    • The disgusting, bloated Governor Cassus Vicus is an utterly depraved hedonist banished by Caligula himself to the remote Al-Khali for practicing cannibalism. Offered immortality by the Firstborn in a realm away from reality in return for helping it conquer all of God's creation, Vicus happily agreed in order to indulge himself for thousands of years. Keeping his realm as nauseating as himself, Vicus keeps his immortal citizens in constant torment: decorating his palace with their body parts and skinned corpses and allowing his demonic minions to attack them as they please. Devoted to his own worship above all else, Vicus stands out in the dark setting alongside Lichthammer as one of the Firstborn's most vile lieutenants.
  • Demonic Spiders: The Exploding Cultists count - and they're among the most common enemies in the game. Lichthammer's Flamethrower and Machinegunner soldiers also count.
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  • Game-Breaker: While every squad member's abilities can be abused up to some level, Jones and Rawlings are the worst offenders. Jones is capable of casting multiple Blood Wards and draining enemy creature's health in the process by using his Astral Projection, while Rawlings gains the ability to heal fallen comrades while standing at the opposite end of the level, as long as he's player controlled. The latter is especially imbalanced, since it enables the player to win most battles without firing a single shot themselves, simply by pressing Rawling's healing-key whenever that little skull-icon appears on the screen, all the while standing in a remote corner out of harm's way.
  • Goddamned Bats: The Flying Cultists, and the Child Crusaders. The Exploding Cultists vary between this and premium grade Demonic Spiders depending on whether or not you plan on getting the achievements.
    • Fortunately, using Church's Blood Ward on the Exploding Cultists, before running up to them and giving them a single slash with her sword can be a very effective technique to use against them. Just make sure you run after doing it.
    • The flies, as well - even though they are a plot device and are usually around to take away the bodies of deceased enemies, it is possible to be swarmed and attacked by them during the fights with Lichthammer and the duel fight against Nanna and Utu (all three have the ability to control the flies), which can be quite disorienting.
  • Narm: The story and characters might otherwise be interesting, but it's difficult not to wince at some of the one-liners tossed out during combat.
  • Player Punch: Close to the end of the game, the deaths of Cole and Jones at the hands of the Firstborn are incredibly shocking, sudden, and cruel. Also, the death of Muriel Green near the beginning of the game counts, especially since it follows a rather touching scene involving her and Rawlings, and some character development.
  • Squick: It's Clive Barker, what do you expect?
  • That One Level: 'Blackwatch', 'Exorcism', 'The Low Road'.
  • Uncanny Valley: Most of the enemies, especially the Cultists and Legionaries.


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