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Funny / Clive Barker's Jericho

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  • Several, but the exchange between Delgado and Black after Ross possesses the latter is a notable example.
    Delgado: "Hey Abby, I got a joke for you: how many telekinetic lesbian snipers does it take to clear a road?"
    • And:
    Delgado: "Congratulations, Abby. Now you finally know what it's like to have a man inside you."
    Black: "Fuck you!"
  • "What'd you do, reboot her?"
  • At the end of the WWII chapter, Rawlings has to perform a ritual on an enemy to open a portal, with Church and Black holding the monster. Such enemy sputs profanities and other phrases that sound out of The Exorcist. Rawlings tells the girls to not give any importance to her words, because "I've been doing this for forty years and they are never capable of saying something original".

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