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Teresa Anne "Terri" Hawkes (born January 31st, 1958 in Montreal to a Calgary, Alberta familynote ) is a Canadian actress, director and playwright, perhaps best known as No Heart's niece and protege Shreeky and Care Bear Hugs on The Care Bears Family, secretly insecure Kelly Hennenlotter in cult horror favourite Hello Mary-Lou: Prom Night II, blackmailed blackmailer Wendy Masters on General Hospital, and, of course, the longest serving English-language voice of Sailor Moon.

She wrote "Carrots" for Anne of Green Gables: The Animated Series, voice directed "Career Day" for Flying Rhino Junior High, and has academically taught the craft of acting.

Tropes found in her roles:

Live Action roles

  • Today's Special, "Hospitals" (1983) ...The Nurse
  • "When We First Met" (1984) ...Rhoda
  • Hangin' In, "Great Expectations" (1983) ...Jenny "Okay Blue Jays" (1985) ...Claudia
  • Airwaves, "Angelfish" (1986) ...Marie
  • Killer Party (1986) ...Melanie
  • Night Heat, "Children of the Night" (1986) ...Gillian Cavanaugh
  • Hello Mary-Lou: Prom Night II (1987) ...Kelly Hennenlotter
  • Crazy Moon (1987) ...Pamela
  • White Hot (1989) ...Christine
  • Foreign Nights (1989) ...Leila
  • T and T, "Wild Willy and the Waves" (1990) ...Francine
  • E.N.G. , "Catch a Falling Star" (1990) Lorelei
  • Rin Tin Tin: K9 Cop, "12 Cops and a Baby" (1989), "Crime of Fashion" (1992)
  • General Hospital (1990 season) ...Wendy Masters
  • Forever Knight, "If Looks Could Kill" (1993) ...Bernice Applebaum
  • Watch It (1993) ...Denise
  • The Killing Machine (1994) ...Dr Anne Kendall
  • Lonesome Drive: The Series, "High Lonesome" ...Ruby
  • Road to Avonlea, "The Return of Gus Pike" (1995) ...Charlotte Ames
  • Beverly Hills, 90210, "You Gotta Have Heart" ...Adrienne
  • Sirens, "Aftermath" (1995) ...Kim Stoner
  • The Shamrock Conspiracy (1995) ...Maria
  • Sabotage (1995) ...Jess
  • Traders (1996) ...Monica Barnes
  • Papertrail (1998) ,,.Rachel Quinn
  • Bone Daddy (1998) ,,.Anchorwoman
  • Dog Park (1998) ...Announcer
  • Psi Factor, "Man of War" (1997) "Map to the Stars" (1998) "Palimpsest" (1998) ...Kate Azzopardi
  • Vig (1998) ...Magic Lounge Waitress
  • The Wonderful World of Disney, "Murder She Purred: a Mrs Murphy Mystery" (1998) ...Little Marilyn
  • Murder in a Small Town (1999) ...Esther
  • The Outer Limits (1995), "Déjà Vu" (1999) ...Dr Cleo Lazar
  • Earth: Final Conflict, "Déjà Vu" (1999) ...Detective Sherman
  • Prisoner of Love (1999) ...Lana
  • Cube Zero (2004) ...Jellico
  • Lady Ada's Secret Society (2022) ...Ms Hein

Voice Acting roles