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  • Broken Base: What's best: the twisted and Up to Eleven Gangsta Rap noise of midcity, the lyrical and cliche-lax lament of inner city life in CLPPNG, the conceptual sci-fi romp of Splendor and Misery or the minimalist horrorcore of There Existed an Addiction to Blood?
    • Which Story variant was the best?
  • Fandom Rivalry: With Death Grips, as to be expected of noise rappers. Death Grips fans (and associated noise acts) think clipping. are cliche rappers wearing the cloak of Harsh Noise; clipping. fans (among other noise rap acts) accuse Death Grips of being untalented noise that only appeals to snobby backpackers. clipping. themselves commented on it, with Daveed especially saying he's not worried about comparisons: he feels Death Grips is extremely different from what they do.
    • Friendly Fandoms: That said, there is a chunk of crossover fans who like both, having discovered one through the other, and expect a few mashup mixtapes.
  • Genius Bonus: Their beats tend to be loaded with this, from the twelve-tone melody of "Shooter" to the bizarre, intricate time signatures of "Story 7." That's not even going into the esoteric references that pop up in Daveed's lines, or in the band's naming conventions.
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  • Hilarious in Hindsight/Harsher in Hindsight: "La Mala Ordina" argues, as its central theme, that the thug life and the rapstar image of it are totally at odds. Benny the Butcher, in particular, singles out "rap niggas [who] dye they hair just to sell some singles." Not a week after the song debuted, 6ix9ine demonstrated their point exactly.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Being a noise rap group, they've often made music that can frighten the listen, but There Existed An Addiction to Blood and Visions Of Bodies Being Burned fully revel in this, being homages to horror films.
    • The music video to "Summertime", wherein Daveed's eyes and mouth are super-imposed onto various people. But that's not the worst part. The worst part is that we see Daveed's face with his eyes and mouth removed.
    • References that Cargo 2331 makes throughout the album, including in his freestyle interludes, strongly imply that he was a modern American man living in Los Angeles before being abducted and hauled across the galaxy to be used as a slave.
    • Bryan-Lewis Saunders' monologue in "God Given Tongue" about his recruitment into a Cult is nothing short of spine-chilling.
    "And then uh, I looked and here was a pool upstairs with fake rocks and fake plants and then, uh, the guy who was in the water and put his leg up on a rock and was like "come on... come on..." like that. And then I went down in the pool and he said to hold- how to hold my arms and he said "When I dunk you under this water, you're gonna feel really cold, but when I pull you up out of this water, you best be speaking in that God-given tongue, boy."

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